Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Rule...

... no more green tea after 2 pm! Today I had another cup at 4 and then yet another at 6... this was a bad plan apparently because now I have been laying awake for an hour with bizarre, disconnected thoughts running through my head.

First it was whether or not we should rely on a cab to and from the airport here... and "will the car rental place pick up our car and drop it back off for us?", "Did I turn off the coffeemaker this afternoon?", "Is Kaden going to be able to sleep on the plane?", "Why DO the Indians wobble their heads when they talk?"

Then I moved on to packing for the trip: "Should I bring the toy with lots of pieces since it keeps him busy for longer, or several simpler small ones?", "I'm never going to get classes this semester", "It will be cold at night in CdA, what should I pack for him to sleep in?", "It's freaking hot... leg inside or outside the covers?... Too bad humans can't be like lizards and regulate their body temperatures with one piece of their bodies too.", "Will Kaden even adjust to the time change?"

Stu hasn't had a much better go at sleep either, he's been sleep talking (as always, but this night it's felt more panicky) since he fell asleep and Kaden keeps getting in trouble in his dreams! Haha. Before I gave up on sleep and came out here to write this blog he had just mumbled, "What does he have? It's paint! He's chewing on paint. We need to get that away from him or he'll get lead poisoning and die..." Poor guy.

Anyway, I should probably have another go at it... Kaden gets up early regardless of what time I go to bed. Man, I miss those days of staying up till dawn and then sleeping till noon without anyone caring or needing me before then. While it's nice to be needed EVERY morning it sure was nice to sleep in occasionally! :)

Let's hope round two is more successful! Wish me luck!


  1. They wobble their heads because they either have that long, long hair that women have OR their turbans (men) contain too much hair from a lifetime of growth! OK..now I am grossing myself out. But that's what one of my Indian (turban) ladies told me...LOLOL Believe it or not...

    Love you...Mimi

  2. You are sooo your Mother! Freaky Girl!! 1 hour and 15 minutes ago it got to 8 days for us!!! I love the countdown clock, but it is on your time (which I prefer since its closer!!) Diapers were purchased today alon with some 'prizes' for all my babies!!
    I Love You! ~Mamma E~

  3. Yay for baby prizes! I can't WAIT to see you Mamma!

  4. Sydney - we're famous. sort of. Our blogs were excerpted on the gulf news website back in june.