Saturday, July 26, 2008


I apologize to the grandmothers for the lack of pictures. We had a very busy weekend but failed to tote the camera along (usually because we lug it everywhere and then forget to take pictures anyway).

As I mentioned before, Khalidiyah Mall is the new favorite… we went back on Friday (our Saturday) to go grocery shopping and exploring while the Muslims were still sleeping or at Mosque. That was nice. We got to check out the new LuLu’s Hypermarket which is getting ever close to a really clean version of Wal-Mart. I found even more things at this one that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere here (i.e. Miracle Whip!). Then we started looking at TVs… Let me preempt the following statement by saying that it turns out most electronics are price-fixed in this country (wouldn’t want to encourage capitalism after all, since THAT would be bad). So, after looking at like 10 different stores, we end up back at LuLu’s (a different one though) for our purchase. We ended up getting a Sony Bravia 46-inch LCD flat screen. It’s huge. So after it was delivered on Saturday we sent out to find something other than the coffee table to put it on. Well, pretty much everything is 46 inches across; our TV is 47 inches wide. We eventually settled on a stand that was exactly 50 inches wide. Cool, good to go, right? Wrong. Since we have this brand-spankin’-new TV, we just HAVE to go look at surround sound systems too! So after several stores (in as many different malls) we finally found a system that was 110-240 (volts… the rest were 240 only, meaning we could get it, but would have to run a converter for eternity once we got back home). So we got that.

To top off the money-spending weekend, I finally got my hair highlighted like I’ve been waiting to do. So now we are broke and have to stay here for another 3 years... Just kidding, but it sure FELT like a lot of money! Haha. Especially for people who NEVER spend money (mostly because we never HAD any). So we’ve finished our goals of what we had wanted to obtain while we were here as far as “stuff” goes. Now it’s just the waiting part… for at least the next 16 months. Sigh.

He loves those balls and his cool in-door pool!

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  1. The tv is beautiful!!! Can't wait to watch some M*A*S*H reruns on CAN get them can't you?? Oh, my God, I hope so or else I will not be able to adjust!!! Just kidding! I love the pics of him in his "indoor" pool, funny! Have you ever tried putting water in it and letting him play in it?? Your floors are tile, right? haha

    Love you..Mimi and Papa