Monday, July 28, 2008

Chest Pain

Sorry I've been neglecting this for a few days... I've been having weird chest pain and it's kind of wiped me out between that and dealing with Kaden.

So, the deal is, day before yesterday I started getting this bizarre pain that got more persistent as the day went on. Now I have had this feeling before a lot of times so I never worried about it, but this time I had a Kaden to take care of. It got pretty bad where I couldn't even pick up Kaden without wincing and feeling like I would drop him. I was wary about going to a doctor here so I kept hoping it would subside (still hoping). I did some research on the internet and didn't find a lot of anything helpful. Most refer to cardiac-related chest-pain and it isn't that... (at least I guess) both because I am 23 years old, and the pain is on the more right side of my chest. Ok, so also, I have pulled the cartilage on either side of my sternum not once but TWICE before, so I know what that feels like too. But it feels similar to that, just deeper. In my online research I decided it was probably either inflammation in the lining of my chest cavity, either infection or strain, OR possibly relating to my lungs, but until last night I didn't feel anything weird with my lungs. I've developed some mucus-y feeling there as of last night so maybe it is related to that.

Rainy had a horror story about internal bleeding when she had an ovarian cyst and Stu thinks I have a collapsed lung. Lol. I took ibuprofen and it helped every 4 hours, so I still think it's inflammatory related. Anyway, I had decided that if it didn't get any better by today that I would go in and see a doctor, but now it has gotten better. Somewhat. So now I am hoping that it will just go away. Ever experienced anything like this? Lemme know...

So anywho, that is why I've not been real present either here or on Yahoo lately. Not to mention we only have 9 days left (!!!) before we come home so I am less worried about being missing in action since I know I am going to see at least a tenth of my faithful readers then anyway!

Speaking of which, I might as well use this opportunity as a shout out to said faithful readers. This blog has really taken off and it has been both shocking and encouraging to me by how many people read this. I feel proud to write it knowing I have so many people out there keeping tabs on our family! :) (some that are even from places I've literally never heard of! lol)

Hope everyone is doing well... we will be eating shawarma and watching a movie tonight!

Syd out.


  1. Chest pain in any form is not something you should diagnose yourself! You have eliminated some things you've experienced before, but if you are still having any type of pain, please get it looked at! Many women experience pain in other areas than in the "heart" area when having heart-related problems, ergo, the reason my mom died as her pain was on her right side and up into her neck!! Don't take it lightly!! You don't want something to happen to you with Kaden up and going...and if it was "painful" enough for you to not even get online, then you really need to get it checked out.

    Let me know...Love you and worry about you...take care of yourself! You may only be 23, but you can still have some heart-related problems, so keep it in mind!

    Love you very much...Mimi and Papa

  2. Hi Sydney! I found your blog off of Storked on Glamour when you posted last week. I read through your archives (I have a very boring office job :) and must say how impressed I am of you! You seem to be handling this move sooooo much better than I think I would! I am from Virginia - near the VA/NC border so not too far from your family (I think yours live in SC??).

    Anyways, I had a pain in my chest a few weeks ago. It lasted about a week and I first felt it when I bent down to pick up my new puppy (she was only 6 lbs so not heavy). It hurt so bad that I went in the house scared something serious was happening. It subsided but it was sore for about a week - anytime I moved funny, picked something up or even took a deep breath. No idea what it was, but I think I probably strained something in there. If its starting to get better - I'd just take it easy and see if it goes away before going to the doctor. Awesome blog btw!

  3. I once had a similar chest pain and it turned out to be something like peritonitis. Maybe that's the wrong word, but it's an inflammation in the lining of your chest. I was taking tylenol, not realizing that taking ibuprofen would take care of it! Of course, when I saw the dr. about this days later, that's when they heard my heart murmer. So, it's worth checking out, I would say. But maybe when you get to Idaho? Unless it gets worse, in which case you might want to take your chances on the UAE doctors (is there an American embassy there?). What would you do if Kaden got sick? Maybe you should find a dr. just in case? Anyway, what's this about being there 16 more months? I thought you guys were done in a year? Did you decide to do two years? Do tell! Hope you feel better........

  4. Thanks for the comments from everyone, this morning I woke up and it has all but subsided, so i think we're good.

    Shannon: I think it is so great that you're reading my blog now! And yeah, lots of family in the SC/NC area!

    Mo: Yeah, it was sort of always more than a year since we projected December of 2009. We got here in March of 2008, so a year would already be March of 2009, so we figured staying through December wouldn't be TOO hard. We shall see I suppose...

  5. Glad your feeling better now. I had chest pains a few years ago and thought I was having a heart attack, but after two trips to the emergency room they decided it was my gallbladder. Make sure you get checked out by a doctor while you guys are home, even if you are feeling better. You gotta take care of yourself.