Sunday, July 13, 2008


We had a pretty big event here last night. Spaghetti! Kaden has his first helping of spaghetti and (way too) red sauce. And he loved it! He got it everywhere and enjoyed every second of it. Stu promptly took him to the bath after dinner and it took me the whole bath time and then some to get the mess cleaned up! Haha

We finally found some non-ceramic plates and bowls for him here, so he can have messier food in his highchair. So that was fun!


  1. Those picture'sremind me of the time I gave Stuart an ice-cream cone and let him eat it by him self. Kaden look's very much like him, I recieved a digital camera for my B'day and will attempt to take and send those pic's via e-mail to you guy's.


  2. This brings many memories of your mom slowly face planting herself into her bowl of spaghetti...but at least he was able to do his thing and just use his hands!!! LOL Thanks for the memories!! Mimi and Papa con amore

  3. I remember when we gave Justine spagetti when we first moved to South Carolina (she was about 10 months) and she power puked all over Dad (he says it was an excorcist flash-back) he still talks about how he had to take a shower to get all the noodles off of him! :-) I swear he believes it was his grossest moments with any of the kids!
    I'm glad Kaden handled his spagetti better that her!

    Love Mamma

  4. I actually remember the Justine puking incident. Sick. I really hope we are spared that for a while. I also remember Hayden being sick when I was home alone with the kids while you guys were working and he projectile vomitting orange puke. We went through like five blankets because we'd just put a new one down when he threw up. So gross! Haha.