Tuesday, July 8, 2008

School Schmool

So it has been brought to my attention that while I talk a lot about school, I failed to mention WHY I’m going to school. Well, that’s partly because I still don’t really know. Before we came out here, as most of you know, I worked for the Attorney General in Idaho. I LOVED my job, but mostly because of the people I worked with and the STUFF I worked on. Tobacco. So it’s not like I got a real good idea of what working with all types of law would be like. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… is still don’t REALLY know. If you were to ask my major, that’s easier, I declared Political Science. But the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning toward doing something else. I figured I’d pick a major with which I could get a “real job” eventually. The more I see people succeeding at their “dream jobs” (doing what they love AS their career), the more I am pulled to try to do the same.

I realize I am not the best writer on the planet (and unfortunately this blog is not a testament to my “skillz” since when I am writing this I am generally wrangling Kaden or it’s the end (or beginning) of the day and I am just wiped out), but to freelance or write books is really where my passion lies. I figure every mediocre writer has an editor, so my stupid overlooked mistakes (and they are plentiful [!!!]) and typos wouldn’t be an issue. But of the last 5 books I’ve read, 3 of them have been by mediocre writers. In fact, the one I am reading now is a book about this British guy who decided to try to drive across America without using chain gas (petrol) stations, restaurants (caffs), or hotels. It’s a decent story, but it’s fairly poorly written. So, if someone can sell a book about that (hey, I bought it at least!), would someone be interested in reading about a 20-something American woman trying to make it in the Middle East? I’m guilty of lingering over books here about the secret lives of Iranian women, or the “love struggle” faced by a Brit who fancies a Muslim man.

I haven’t faced any major trials or tribulations on this journey thus far (thank Allah), but I HAVE been dealt some pretty curious cards (i.e. nearly getting stuck in Qatar with my infant… all alone and unable to contact anyone… so I sat down a cried in the middle of the airport while being stared at [and finally rescued] by more Muslims than I’d ever seen in my life, much less in one locale). *It should be noted that burkas and turbins are really scary when you've never seen them before in person... who knows why. They are just intimidating.

So… what am I studying? For now, “law and order” (hehe). We will see if that ends up amounting to anything. I chose it because it’s the one career I can see myself enjoying for next 40+ years. Stu says go for the “dream job” goal. I hear my Dad’s voice in my head telling me to get a real job. What do you think?

(side note: I consider it because Stu HAS a “real job”… so long as my son has health insurance, it makes me less weary of the prospect of us being broke AND healthcare-less while Mom tries to keep food on the table.)

The above are what happens when you leave a baby with bored Abu Dhabi wives... they become toys. Sigh... my poor son! haha


  1. As your editor, I should not that in your previous blog, in the caption for the picture where Kaden is turning on the printer, it's spelled "how", not "hpw"........hahaha, I'm just busting ya a little! I think you are a FANTASTIC writer!! You always have me hooked for the entire blog! Keep at it! And, I will for sure buy your book about a 20 something American woman making it in the Middle East. Hey, better UAE than shit hole repressive ________ (enter random non-westernized middle eastern country in this space)!

  2. I saw that. Ugh. The stupid computer should know I mean "how" when I type "hpw". But thanks for being a loyal reader, Cuz! :) (And oppression is an understatement... even in a theoretically "westernized" Middle Eastern country. Look no further than a woman trying to kiss her girlfriend in public (deportation, siezure of her belongings and bank accounts, and 4 months in jail). Western my ass.

  3. You are an awesome and very entertaining writer, plus you're smart, which in and of itself helps your writing. I think you have some amazing insights to offer and should definitely pursue the writer dream (I'm still pursuing it! And I'm 40!). Another something you might think about - photography (or as Jeff says, combine them both into photojournalism). Because you are a great photographer, too! I'm alwasy entertained by your blog and love to read it. So, dream big, Simney!

  4. Hmm...the dream/reality is something I've struggled with too. I got my undergrad degree to follow my dreams and only realized after that I really couldn't make a living with it. So now I'm getting my next degree in something that I like AND can make a living with. It's not my first love, but I think I can make it work...maybe even meld the two together at some point. So after that long rant, I guess my point is, you don't have to choose one or the other, maybe you can make them both work together. I think you'll be fabulous in whatever you choose to do!

  5. I like what you wrote but I have some comments. Some of your stuff are not allowed and not acceptable in my country. We are much more civilized than lots of the states in America, let me give you an example. look at this video and what " sweet home alabama " boys has done to these gentelmen. lots of innoceint people are locked and and tortured in Guantanamo jail so please don't tell me about democrasy while you country needs to be learned how to apply it !!


  6. Sorry, I forgot to post the link. Here it is



  7. Ali, I appreciate that you read my blog, I encourage all who wish to read it to do so. But please bear in mind that this blog is for my family and friends back home. In America. Don't preach to me about Democracy and I won't preach to you, as a woman, about how Muslims treat their women. Know terror operatives being treated questionably in Guantanomo is much different than living as a "second class citizen" (where husbands are free to beat their wives if they challenge them) in their own country and not having the freedoms we do in America. In America, "some of your stuff" are not acceptable to us either, and are also looked down on. To each his own I suppose.

  8. It should also be noted that some random Bristish guy driving through ass-backwards Alabama, interpretting the area as he will, is hardly representative of America as a whole. As AMERICANS we question the Alabama backwoods folk. Try some credible literature about America before you judge. (As I wouldn't judge ALL of Qatar based on questionable passages of the Qur'an or just on my experience at the airport).

  9. Sydney I must agree with your response to Ali, with no disrespect to Ali. You really mustn't draw conclusions of a country based on a biased media report and certainly not a movie as movies are from someones imagination (exception to true stories.) As "Educated people" we learn not to assume or judge based on what we hear and half of what we see.
    There are no countries on our planet that do not have it's problems, As the countries are ran by "mankind", nothing will ever be perfect. I am an American woman also living in the UAE and so far I am loving the way of life. I do see where the ladies are concidered second class and it is troublesome as I know as an educated woman, that women are quite intelligent and should also be admired and respected.
    In closing, in reference to writing competency, mine is not up for judgement hahahahahahaha furthermore, Sydney don't you want to put a spell checker on here for us?

  10. First of all, I would like to apologize if my way of writing last time wasn't appropriate and hurted you in any way. Two years ago, my friends use to call me " Tony Montana" because I have had a problem with temper ( Rage ) but I have started working on it eversince and now I am much better but sometimes it comes back for a visit ( HAHAHA ).

    Sydney, if you remember my email to you, I asked to accept me as a friend to you and your family, and I thought that friends can discuss thier opinions right ? that's why I was discussing my opinion with you. If you don't want me to write anything to you please let me know.

    I am not trying ro preach anybody about anything, all that I am doing is sharing an opinion with you.

    More discussing

    When you tell me that what happens in Guantanamo is different, I will tell yes it is different and I will tell you why. A photographer under the name of sami Al-Haj just has been released from Guantanamo. He has got diabetes and they didn't give him medicine. The question is why did they keep him that long while the knew for sure that he was innocent ? Please see how many people faced the same case. Your law system is very good but it is not applied on these people in Guantanamo. Why ?

    About the women in my country, my sister is a lawyer and she told me what happened to women whom being beaten by their own men !!! Those men spend a long time in Jail plus women in your country are being hit and raped much more than my country. We don't ask our women to spend money on themselves and push them to compete unfairly with men like other countrys. If she wants to work to gain some extra money then it is fine by us. Whatever noreasonable acts from some people toward their women in muslim countrys in general and my country in specific are from their own and it doesn't have any origins in Al-Qura'n Al-Karim.

    About my judgement on America. Whom said that I was judging on it ? I love and respect America and I have so many American friends, what I was trying to tell you that everybody has got their own opinion about thier everything. By the way, I won't let anybody drive in my neighborhood writing on his car these things, but I will treat them in much more reasonable way for sure.

    One more thing. I beleive fully in Al-Qura'n and whatever that comes with it, Have you tried to read Al-Qura'n with explanation ( not only translation ). If you didn't, I strongly advice you to do.


  11. To s from UAE

    Please feel free to tell me whatever that comes to your mind. I didn't judge on America base on that media report, I explained the whole thing in my previous contribution. Nobody consider women as second class in the country. Have you tried to ask them if they are satisfied or not ?

    If Sydney doesn't want us to talk here. Here is my email, You can add me so you will discuss either by emails or by MSN messenger


    please let me know that this is you so I will accept you in my contacts.

    About the spell checker, Amen to that, sister !!!!