Saturday, July 5, 2008

Growing Up.

As we are counting down the days to Kaden’s first birthday, I keep having this overwhelming sense of nostalgia over the past year. It sometimes feels like years ago, and other times it feels like just last week when Stu drew a bath for me in the morning before we went to the hospital to have him.

He is so much more fun every single day. Last night we were playing on the bed while Stu was playing hand-held Yahtzee and Kaden kept anticipating being tickled so he’d start to laugh before I even got close to him. Then Stu was growling at him and “getting” him and he started growling back. Cute baby.

So then it makes me think of him growing up, since he’s already doing it so fast. It feels like it won’t be long now before I’m taking pictures of him in a tux outside on his way to prom (Kaden, be a respectful boy and always go up to knock on the door and shake the hand of your date’s parent(s). My son does not wait in the car and honk the horn. Remember that flowers are not old-fashioned and neither is holding open a door, or offering your jacket when she is cold. Tell her she is beautiful when she least expects it. Be her best friend. Hold her hand whenever you can. Most importantly be honest with yourself and those who are most important to you. Life is about the least-expected things, both big and small. Never settle.)


  1. very-very cute young man you have there! Hope you can keep cool?
    too bad you can't be here in Aug. for our 25th. aniv.

  2. It's really too bad that you guys couldn't take the time to come to where we will be to see us and celebrate Kaden's first birthday. We did everything we could to make you happy, including offering to fly all three of you out there, on our dime. It's too bad.

  3. I hope that all of your family will get to see each other soon and for Kaden to grow up to be a nice man and to listen and obey his parents like me !!.