Monday, July 7, 2008


Kaden ready to go on the roof with Mommy and the pool... and his cool sunscreen-induced mohawk!

Having some lunch and still looking suave.

My little amazing face learned hpw to turn on the printer... see this? And he doesn't even have to try other buttons... he knows the right one to make the thing start warming up with all of it's wonderful noises.

My babies' shoes!

What do you do when it's too hot to play in the pool on the roof? Well, you play in the pool in the living room... duh!

So we've had a pretty uneventful last few days. I have been working on my final paper for school pretty much non-stop. This is what happens when I'm completely UNmotivated for about three weeks. Crash-writing at the last minute. But anyway, aside for a few revisions on my references page, we're good to go.
Short rant: Not only is learning a style of citation gay in and of its self, but I learned all through high school and when I first went to college to cite in MLA style. NOW all of a sudden the requirements are in APA style. So I have to go back and look up every single type of reference to make sure it's being cited properly. Sucks. Now I have all this wasted space in my brain dedicated to MLA style citation. Grrrrr.


  1. So, what are you studying? What's the school program and is it through a school at home or there?

  2. Kaden is spreading joy ... Give him a brother or sister to play with !!

    About the final paper ... I just finished college so I know how it feels. I spent more than 20 hours in row just to finish some of these papers.


  3. Once you get used to it APA is actually really easy to use. I remember when I first had to switch to it after the years and years of teachers cramming MLA into my head. And now I actually prefer APA. So what exactly are you going to school for? I just realized I never asked.