Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beach Bound!

Election Day was also Rainy’s birthday this year so we decided to take Kaden to the beach! I have been wanting to take him on a trial run to see if he even likes it since last time we went, when he was only 7 months old, he wasn’t a huge fan. He ate sand and got too hot and made a lot of work for me. Well this time he LOVED it! Right when he got there he let go of my hand, off to navigate the hard-to-walk-in sand by himself. He was already covered by the time I tried to put sunblock on him (note to self: sunblock the kid BEFORE we leave the house next time!) so I was basically just giving him a facial. But he got right to digging with his shovel and ended up eating a LOT of sand again, which we didn’t know until Stu and I were changing his diapers for the next two days! It was nice though. We all had a pretty good time.

Last night Rainy came over again for dinner and we played Mario Cart and Wii Sports, which is always fun! We’ve had a pretty laid back week this week. I will be sure to let you know of any happenings this weekend!

Cupcakes are much harder to decorate! Hehe.

Digging with Rainy.

This is what he did much of the time we were there.

Testing out the water!

Mommy and Buried Kaden!

No longer having fun being the entertainment.

Bye-Bye Beach!


  1. That beach looks great. Nice and

    So is Mario Cart any good? Do you think a 6 year old could play it without much help? It is on my Christmas list for a family gift but none of my Wii playing friends have bought it yet. Also how is Madden 09 I think you said Stu got it. I think it is WiFi maybe we can get set up and play each other, that is after Chase gets it for his birthday in December.

  2. Wow, the water looks so beautiful! Is it really as clear blue as the pictures make it look?

  3. The beach looks great! I WILL NOT be bringing a bathing suit, however, but we do like to stroll along the beaches and splash in the water! Kaden is so cute playing with his bucket and shovel! A little sand never hurt anyone I know of...but boy! it must hurt coming out??!! haha We love your countdown clock and check it everyday so we can report to our workers how much longer we have. They are as excited as we are! Hope they are not all expecting gifts from the UAE!! haha Love you! M and P