Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A week ago we were at Spinney’s getting crab sticks and I happened to have a slight nervous breakdown as we passed by one of the aisle ends and there was a Halloween display. Luckily, thanks to the overwhelming population of French patrons to Spinneys, it was not to be thought strange at all when I put on my sunglasses indoors to hide my teary demeanor.

As much as I complained about the over-Hallmark-ization that ever store has in the months prior to any holiday in America, is as much as I miss it here. Earlier in the day we’d been talking about what we’d done the past two years for Halloween, including going to Marcia’s last year to celebrate with Kristin and Jordan and their Kaden too when our boys were a mere 3 months old. So I was nostalgic before we even got into the store.

We had a choice of 4 pumpkins (total) and about 3 masks and some candles and other random “Halloween”-inspired decorations. We decided we should definitely get a pumpkin this year and celebrate our holiday as best we could. So we pick one out and head to the register. Our measly little guy cost seventeen DOLLARS, not Dirham. At Wal-Mart they were a few dollars! Sheesh! Anyway, whatever. We always expect things that are for expats to be more expensive.

So we waited to carve him until yesterday which was actual Halloween so we’d be celebrating! While Stu carved the face we picked out, I roasted the seeds (they actually turned out pretty good too!) and then we went to Khalidiyah Mall’s food court for our celebration dinner. Stu had Burger King and I decided on Chinese! Kaden had chicken nuggets and wore his mummy outfit to the mall.

Here are our pictures of our Halloween adventure in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy!

Kaden not very sure how to feel about it.
"Wow, Mom!"
Getting some seeds!
Daddy getting the rest of the strings out.

Carving the face!

Look how good Daddy did!

With his pumpkin!

Our little family with all of our goodies from the family!

Weighing himself! Lol. This child weighs 13 now!!! (28 pounds!)


  1. The pumpkin looks like Stu when he's angry! HAHA! And I just LOVE the photo of the baby on the table (safety violation number one), sitting beside a lighter (safety violation number two) and a sharp knife(safety violation number three!). Good one! HAHA! I'm so glad you guys had a nice Halloween in UAE!!! Love you!

  2. The pictures are precious...he was a mummy?? haha Who sent that to him? I was going to send him a tee shirt that had blinking lights on it, but the day I had it in my hand to pay for it, I found out it was a "recall" and decided if the Chinese recalled them, then it must be something very wrong with it!! Oh well, looks like you had fun anyway. We had NO trick-or-treaters and that was good in a way...I had not purchased any candy and Papa was in bed all day sleeping (I was working) so no one was really up to greet any little spooky people. Last year we had three come to our door and the year before that none!! haha Not the same here as in other states...
    Love you and can't wait to see you!! What do you need from here to make your Thanksgiving happier than your Halloween?? Let us know so we can get it in the mail! Seasonal paper plates/napkins/cups??? haa Let us know..!!!!
    Hugs and Kisses...M and P

  3. The pumpkin is great, mine never turn out cute. I was a bad mom this year and I didn't even buy any pumpkins or even decorate for Halloween.

  4. I love the mummy outfit, it's so adorable!