Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Shopping and Park Time!

This weekend Stu and I took Kaden to the park to run around. We remembered the camera this time so we got some pics of the slide and he actually warmed up to the “Horsie” and played on that for a while (last time he was terrified of it). We walked around the park for a while with Kaden leading the way.

There was this tree that grew (and subsequently dropped) these little white flowers. Here are some on the ground. They were pretty!
Then we went to Carrefour and picked out a Christmas tree and decorations for it and a tree skirt and here it is! If anyone needs the perfect time to move here, now is it! Everywhere has Christmas decorations galore and since National Day is on December 2nd (the UAE will be turning 37! Hehe) they have lights up around town that look similar to Christmas lights! It feels like the whole country is getting into the Christian Spirit! Even if it is accidental! So we came home and I set up the tree while Stu downloaded some Christmas songs and we danced with Kaden and explained “baby Jesus” to him using the 9 Dirham Nativity Scene with a blonde Mary and Jesus. Different. He petted the baby Jesus and said “niiigh” which means “nice” (we taught him this so he knows when to touch things gently… like Mommy’s hair or a puppy’s tail).
Anyway, so we’ve really enjoyed getting into the holiday spirit. Only 14 more days (!!!) until Mimi and Papa arrive (we still need to get towels! Lol) and we are sooooo excited. If anyone else wants an excuse to visit the UAE, take advantage of us being here and come see us!
Our Christmas Tree!
Stu was trying to get Kaden to show his teeth in the above picture. He now has 8 front teeth, 6 back teeth, and just this weekend got 3 eye teeth. Growing like a weed!


  1. Awww.........Christmas! And I love the photo of Kaden showing his teeth - funny!

  2. Kaden looks like he is growling or grimacing! You can see almost all his teeth when he smiles! I'm glad you survived the eye teeth - those are the worst!
    Your Christmas tree is darling, and WAY better than our first one. Do you remember the one where we put it on the vanity so the devil child couldn't pull it over? haha I'll never forget those years! At least the trees don't cost much until they are 4! :-)
    I will miss you all so much this Christmas! Although I'm sure it will be better with Mimi and Papa there! At least you have someone!And they will get Kaden - I am so jealous!!
    I love you millions!

  3. Your tree looks very festive! We love it! I know we'll love driving aroung looking at your city's lights...haha We can just keep thinking it's for "us" and that they are Christmas lights!! Yay!! We are getting more and more excited about our trip and I'm thinking now that "I haven't a thing packed" and have to get started! You have to e-mail me what you want us to bring, if anything, for our celebration. Let us know! We love you and Kaden's pictures are precious, as usual!! Love you...Mimi and Papa