Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lettuce and Grapes.

Today after Stu got off work we decided to take a picnic lunch of my Fabulous Chicken Salad sandwiches and go find a new park area. We pulled out the handy dandy Abu Dhabi map and found a “Children’s Park” to go to. We assumed that meant there would be playground equipment for the kids. After taking three wrong turns we finally found the place from the map. No such simplistic playground equipment. It was instead a completely enclosed (with concrete that resembled the Palace compound walls) amusement park with rides!

Stu went up to the gate to inquire about prices and opening hours and whatnot and he was informed by the less-than-helpful guard gentleman at the gate that the park is for “Lettuce only”. “Huh?” “Lettuce and Children only.” Ooooooh, Ladies and children only. Lame. So we decided to go make camp outside of the palace walls where there was a nice green section with trees and plenty of room for Kaden to run around and be merry.

We had a good time at the park. It is so cool now (80s) that it is just a pleasure to be outside. FINALLY! The food was good and so was the conversation and company. We came home and Stu proceeded to tell me a story and then gag on a grape mid-sentence. It was so funny to hear his throaty “gark!” as he forced it back out of his throat. Then he just continued on normally with his story. It was so abrupt that I just couldn’t stop laughing! Poor choking husband and I was laughing at him! Anyway, this night has been pretty good but uneventful for the most part. Here are some pics from dinner!

It was pretty windy!

There were some labs and a German Sheppard there! We NEVER get to see big dogs anymore!

Baby Love!


  1. I have been to that park! it is really cool, when we went all the rides were operated by women, it was the first time i felt the wind in my hair for a long time:-)

  2. GARK?? That's the sound one makes when choking on grapes? LOL I can't quit laughing right now...everytime I think about this, it just cracks me up! I know, it's pretty sick to laugh when someone has this happen, but YOU made it funny...I can see you now, rolling on the couch laughing your butt off! Gark...LOLOLOLOLOLOL Thanks for starting my day off on a good laugh! Sorry, Stu... M and P

  3. lol... "chicks dig me"

    How old is your son?