Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Barack and Roll!

So apparently our next Commander in Chief is going to be Barack Hussein Obama. I woke up this morning at just after 5 AM with Stu and watched as the numbers were coming in. At that point many of the polls were still open and MSN declared “Obama Leads; Key States Not Called.” I went back to bed and when I woke up again it said, “Nation Elects First Black President”.

There is something to be said for feeling good about it for the sake of the country. As divided as our country has felt over the past few years, it really is encouraging, even for a conservative Republican such as me, to watch people in tears in their respective states as a new sense of hope consumes them. I’m really crossing my fingers for Obama’s success, not because I am a fan or supporter, but because I do think it’s time for the United States to come together and have something good come of it.

There is no arguing that Obama is a great speaker. I just hope those words translate into something beneficial than the nation. (I’m also happy for Sasha and Malia for earning their new puppy that’s going with them to the White House! Haha.)

I also have the privilege of living in the Middle East during this historic election. Yesterday morning I walked into our neighborhood grocery store and the owner exclaimed "A-medic-a! Today is the day! Yes? Today is the vote day!" I said, "Yeah, today is election day." (smiling in embarrassment as the other 5 Arabs in the store stop what their doing to stare at this exchange) He gets more excited, "Obama, Obama, Obama! Yes? Who do you support?" I said, "Yes, well, actually I support John McCain, but I do think Obama will win." He said, "Obama! Yeah, Obama!" I left it at that, thanked him for my pops and scurried away (beach bound, but that's another post :)).

So…. President Obama…. Who knew?


  1. Hey! It's Hannah! I got a blog! YAY! Wow! Obama just made history! Our first black president! Check out my blog!

  2. maybe our knitting group can do tea atthe burj sometime! it's a lot of fun and a great treat... although not sure i could actually knit while haveing tea at the burj ; )

  3. beach huh??
    all the luck for your country with the new man!