Sunday, November 23, 2008


This weekend we took Kaden to the park and he went down the slide for the first time ever… loved it! We unfortunately don’t have pictures since Stu and I had an I-thought-you-had-it moment and collectively forgot the camera. We had a good time there though with Kaden running around getting sweaty and exhausting himself. It was warmer than it has been lately, probably in the upper 80s and we were all good and sweaty when we left. Every time that happens and I remind myself that it is the middle of November, I have to laugh.

That night Rainy and Marcelo came over for a bit and we went to the food court at the mall for dinner (they did Burger King as usual and I got my Chinese!). They decided to go home after that and we headed over to Tony’s to hang out with the boys. It was a really great night with plenty of fun and random conversation and an ample supply of laughs, which is always great. We even got to stay well past ten since Kaden was fine to entertain himself with unpacking and repacking his diaper bag and generally making himself filthy on the tile of the roof. Good times. Mommy insisted on a bath before bed (usually he has his bath in the morning after the hurricane that is breakfast) and we all got to sleep in until 7 (!?!?!?). Kaden apparently decided he didn’t need any extra sleep after going to bed hours after his bedtime and we went grocery shopping instead.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day after groceries while Kaden napped. Then we went to Abu Dhabi Mall to walk around and get some more of our favorite candles from PAN Emirates. We ate Subway for dinner while we were there and met a HUGE American guy standing in line. He was ordering two subs for himself with double meat and then said to me, “I do triple meat if they had it!” So I asked him how tall he was and he said, “Oh, six nine or thereabouts.” Holy crappola Batman! He then told me that with work here taking its toll on him, he’d be “four-foot-nothing” before long. We had to laugh... You don’t have to spend much time in this country before every American you meet starts to have a sort of inside joke with you on the differences in lifestyle we face while living here. We all start to have a bizarre camaraderie with people we’ve never met simply because we have the same accent and same version of what is to be deemed a “normal” reality. Very cool.

Everything is a shoe now.

Otherwise it was a pretty typical weekend. Stu and I played some Wii (he even let me win once without pouting) which was a blast and we made popcorn last night and watched some NEW Family Guy that Mike downloaded and gave to us. We were trying to watch Band of Brothers since Stu has never seen it, but we had no audio for whatever reason. Lame.

Caught trying to get some popcorn!

Representin'! Aren't these cool??? Thanks Aunt Marcia!

I got caught being a grandma... Stu said he'd reserve this photo for blackmail... well I'm beating him to it! Knitting in bed with my towel on my head, in my grandma-style p.j.s! I'm one sexy mamma! Haha

I’ll try to be more diligent about photos. Since we haven’t been doing much lately there never really seems to be anything to take pictures of. Here are some from this morning of Kaden and I goofing off with the camera in my room. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Kaden "reading" on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Something was hilarious!

Serious baby.

Just Mommy!


  1. look your knitting!!! i love it!

    how's the knitting going btw?

  2.'re so pretty! Great photos!

  3. The pictures are wonderful...makes us want to get there ASAP, but we have to wait for 20 more days!!! Marcia and group have arrived in Phoenix, but are standing in line waiting for their rental car at the airport!! Kyle is on his way home from Denver with Amie and someone from here will pick them up at midnight!! haha Probably will be Deven, since he's the only one who doesn't drink...haha Kaden is just the cutest baby ever...his eyes just sparkle with life and love. You are such a "wife/mom" sitting in bed funny! I love it!! Love to all of you...see you in a few days...just can't believe it yet...reality hasn't set in yet..haha XXXOOOXXX to all! Mimi and Papa