Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day

So we went over to Matt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner as I mentioned before. I really was a nice get together. We got there before other people started showing up (and Matt was still in jammies, hehe) so we got to chat some and watched Ratatouille while we waited for everyone else to arrive. Matt made the turkey, which turned out great and he also made some Stove Top and Green Bean Casserole. Stu and I brought my Nana’s Sweet Potato Casserole, which was fabulous if I do say so myself and several bags of rolls!

The other usuals, Mike and Tony also came. Tony brought his wonderful Potato Salad and his other friend Mike brought mashed potatoes. Kasey and Kyle came with two desserts and their Andrew who has gotten so big since we last saw him! He has a bunch of new words and now and he and Kaden played so well and were adorable together. There were only a couple minor arguments and otherwise they were best friends all night, which was wonderful since it made Kaden tired!

We had some fun waiting for Steve to arrive from Al Ain about an hour late (pictures to follow) playing “Where’s Steve?” We ended the night by watching episodes of Saturday Night Live and then Stu and I called it a night and had Kaden in bed by 10:30.

Here are some pictures from the night!

Kaden and Mommy ready to head over to Matt's house.

Watching our movie!

Kaden having a very serious conversation with Matt.

The spread!

The boys seeing if they can reach any of the goodies!

Kaden helping Matt make some calls.

Kyle: "Where's Steve?"

Playing like good boys.

Matt taking some MySpace pics while waiting on Steve.

Kyle's remedy to late Steve.

Kyle, Kasey, and Andrew
Getting caught having a sweet moment.
Mike teaching Kaden how to knock on wood.
Kaden LOVED Andrew's chair. Now he needs his own!
Stuffed Kyle.
Stuffed Matt.
Steve doing dishes after his late arrival and Kyle helping him.
Providing the evening entertainment: banging on the table.

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  1. Kaden looks so cute! Great pictures. Hope you guys had a fantastic Turkey day! =] XOXO, Hayley