Sunday, November 9, 2008

High Fashion Fever (Frugal Style!)

Stu and I went a little crazy this weekend! We typically spend a hundred bucks a week on groceries (stuff here is WAY more expensive than back home) and then we'll eat out once a week. So this weekend would not be considered our typical weekend!

First of all, Thursday night we decided to go on a date (with Kaden) to the Lebanese Flower. We've been ordering it in lately and it is such a different experience eating there. They have seating outside which is just great now that it is so much cooler in the evenings! We decided to just walk down there (a scant mile tops) since driving and parking are impossible in this city.

We kept talking about how much we can’t wait to take Mimi and Papa there when they visit. But we enjoyed our fresh, yummy meal and then Stu ordered shisha and we just hung out and chatted for about a 2 hour long dinner! Kaden was an angel and amused himself alternately with a fork and straw between bites of the fabulous Arabic cuisine.

Friday was a good day too. We did our usual grocery shopping and then met up with Matt, Mike, and Tony to grill on Tony’s roof for dinner. Then Saturday began the craziness. We lazed around during the day until Kaden woke up from his nap. Then we met Mike and Matt at Chili’s for a late lunch/dinner. The service there is forever getting worse… so much so that the waiter acknowledged how bad he’s been without our even mentioning it and brought us a complimentary dessert as an apology. Kaden was kind of a brat and wanted nothing more than to put fries in our drinks and push himself away from the table in his high chair. Oh well, can’t ask for perfection all the time!

Then Stu and I headed to Hamdan Center. Soooo much fun and we will definitely be going back there plenty. We ran into Marcelo (small world) while we were there too. This place is full of designer grabs that have some sort of flaw (the bigger the flaw, the lower the price) so Stu and I scored some designer stuff for cheap. He got a Barry Sanders jersey (with the US $300 price tag still attached to it), his signature Armani cologne (but the BIG bottle!) which he’s been out of for about a month, and a couple t-shirts (Billabong and Element) while I scored a Chanel purse (with the card that certifies it's "real", lol) and a Dolce and Gabbana t-shirt! Below are our treasures! All-in-all it was a great weekend… today is Sunday… back to the grindstone.

Lazy Saturday!


I just thought it was so cool to see some clouds in the sky here! You never see that!

Baby Kisses! Nothing's better!


  1. You are making us SO HUNGRY...I mean, the first thing we'll have to do (after recuperating from jet lag) is get some of the great food you've discovered!! YUMMM... We have laughed ourselves silly over the picture of Kaden "What?"...that one is great! We can't wait to meet Rainy and Marcelo, too! And any other friends that come around. We both cannot think of anything else but getting there!! Jim and Bernadette Prolsdorfer are in Rome as we speak and they said to say hello to you all! Love you...Mimi and Papa

  2. hi!
    the dh is just not a smiler...but for me ill just blame the sun!

    i know what you mean about the baby kisses, when i tell my little guy "kisskiss mommy" he opens his mouth wide and make a mwaaa sound.