Friday, November 14, 2008

Run for the Border

Today we had to do our visa run again. No pictures this time because, let's face it, you know what Oman looks like by now. PLUS, in just over a month we'll be taking Mimi and Papa to Al Ain and Oman so we will have to get plenty of pictures then! :)

It was a pretty smooth run this time. We left at the crack of dawn and got through both borders in record time. Nothing to report. Kaden was good and slept the whole way back which was AWESOME! It's amazing how much doing that takes out of me though. We're all zombies now and it is hardly 2 in the afternoon. Tonight the knitting gals are getting together and I am going to try to make it. We do have a lot to get done tonight though since wasting 5 hours going to Oman kinda takes a lot of time out of the day. Hopefully it will all work out fine though.

More later!


  1. do you ever kinda feel like now we are the illegal aliens?...every couple of months we do this mad run to Oman, for me it feels really weird.

    Missed you at the meeting! Hows your knitting going?

  2. You live such a 50's lifestyle...I'm jealous! I'm a size 7 and a half but I have a bunch of size 8 Old Navy flip flop so I'll be sending those! Let me know what you want for christmas too! I'm going to send my own package independant of my mom! LOL. Love you!! XOXO Hayley