Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Girls.

Last night was great for me as I got a chance to get out of the house without my boys (very rare) in favor of hanging with my girls! I went over to Kundi's fabulous flat for snacks, chatting, and of course, knitting. There was a good sized group there this time of about 9 of us. Since I missed the last meeting it was great to get with everyone again and especially in a more homey setting than the coffee shop. I definitely hope we do this more often since I know we all had a really great time. Lulu blessed me with her infinite wisdom again and had to cast on for me once more, but I am hopefully on my way to a Christmas gift!

Kade was a good boy for Daddy last night and even though I didn't make it home until after nine, they were both waiting eagerly for me. I love how Kaden runs up for a hug now. It's nice to be the one coming home for a change! He was genuinely excited to see me again! Haha.

Last night was yet another of my "Only in the Dhab" experiences I get to take home with me when we leave. The company I had was, as always, so diverse. In addition to the typically diverse crowd we are, we added the fabulous Rama, an Emerati, and Asma'a who is British and married to an Iraqi who are expecting a new baby girl! (I'm jealous of her pink blanket she started yesterday) We also got to meet Alicia and Sadia, two coworkers of Kundi's who are hopefully going to be frequenting our meetings as well.

All in all, another successful get together and I am ever more grateful that Lindsay (who was my twin last night in our black long-sleeved t-shirts, jeans, and flip flops) found my blog those many months ago!

Hala took some pictures last night so if I find those floating around somewhere I will post some of our hangout!


  1. What a cool experience! You can count this among the "blessings" you have living in another country - and the possibility of making lifelong friends all over the globe! Can't wait to see what you knit. :) Mo

  2. Ditto to Mo's comments above. How totally cool!!! I am jealous. Yarn, patterns and suggestions are on their way! haha LOVE YOU ALL!!

  3. I will bring my knitting needles and knit with you!! haha I have so many "projects" in the starting phase and many, many in the "going to finish someday" phase! haha But I have a quickie pattern for some practice knitting so you might like those! Love you!! See you in 23 days! Mimi and Papa