Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing Up!

It blows me away ever day how much Kaden grows nonstop! We just received some pictures from Stu’s parents from when we were there and Kaden was soooo small. I forget how long we’ve been here sometimes. To look back at that barely crawling baby and now have him RUN up to me and ask me for “jew-sh”… it’s amazing the changes. So here is more “big boy”-ness. Here is Kaden eating his lunch yesterday. That’s right, no more chunks! He can take bites of his sandwiches now. So big!

And here is a MY-son moment. Watching his cooking show and “cooking” at the same time. Sigh. He makes me so proud! Last night he made “soup” for Stu and I and we all ate it out of the ladle.

We're STILL eagerly awaiting Mimi and Papa's arrival! The days are getting faster and faster now!

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  1. I can't believe how big Kaden is getting! I miss you guys and can't wait until you get to come home. I bet you are getting excited for mimi and papa to get there. Not much longer now. Just wanted to tell you guys how much we love you and miss you!