Sunday, November 30, 2008

26 Days... The Letter "A".

Today is the 30th of November which also means there are 26 days until Christmas! I thought in an effort to keep the things we love or appreciate (Our Favorite Things) in mind this holiday season, I'd make a list of our favorites by the letter of the alphabet corresponding with the "Days Till Christmas"!

So, today is the letter A (I sound like Sesame Street):

Apples - All three of us are HUGE apple lovers in all of its forms. Stu takes an "apple a day" to work with him, Kaden likes his steamed and sliced, and I love mine sliced with peanut butter or in my yummy Apple Crisp recipe!

Account - For once in our lives we enjoy what we see when we check out savings account. For as much as we complain about living here, we sure have been given a lot through this opportunity that would have taken us years to do by ourselves.

Air Conditioner - Even in November we have ours on all day. Thank God for Air Conditioning!

Arabic Bread - We all know how much I love this sweeter, thinner, yummier version of pita bread. (Stu was appauled when he learned that I ate garlic paste, Arabic bread, and fried rice (yep, together!) for BREAKFAST this morning).

Hope you like my newest countdown! And a good way to make sure I keep blogging! :) Enjoy!


  1. four posts in one day!?! wow! you're making us look bad but also glad to have something to read all day ; )

  2. Great way to count down, but you just gave me a heart attack when I realized that there were only 26 days till Christmas!
    Here is something different for apples - bake a small round of Brie cheese with some slivered almonds on top until the almonds get brwonish and the cheese is soft then eat it with your apple slices - just heavenly!
    Love, Mamma

  3. I like artichokes, Arlie, and almonds! :)

  4. what a fantastic idea. Really puts things in perspective. Kinda like when I went back and read your first few posts. Really a striking difference and tribute to where you were and where you are today! i want to borrow your idea but I honestly don't think i could keep up!

  5. I love your ideas on blogs. Very creative!