Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All American Baby.

My cousin Sarah will be happy to hear that my son is becoming a true Southern boy! Tonight I made Creamy Cheese and Onion Grits since Stu was working and I needed something easy to eat.

I wasn't in the mood for the leftovers we had, so I thought I'd make something with grits. I ended up eating this with scrambled eggs dumped on top and Kaden would NOT leave me alone when I was eating it. I gave him a bite to make him happy and then he ended up eating half of my bowl!

Yes, we might be living in the Middle East but my boy is still a good American at heart! :)


  1. Aww that's awesome! Tell Sir Kaden Congrats, and I'm glad he likes grits! :-) That's the best way to eat them - mixed up with eggs! I eat them like that a lot. And I love mine with some bacon crumbled up in it too - soooo good. I don't buy bacon often though. Hey where did you get that recipe - did you make it up or find it somewhere? Because it sounds/looks yummy. I usually just eat mine with butter and pepper, but these sound good!

  2. Ok, I may be weird, but I have never eaten Grits, nor heard about them until I saw it in your menu a couple times now! Maybe I am not a true American? I guess?! HA! Ill have to try them sometime...what are they like????

  3. That's ok Ashleigh! :) I think the only place you can get grits in CDA is at Denny's... and they aren't very good unfortunately. But I didn't move to CDA until I was 11 and before that I lived in South Carolina, which is the grits capitol of the world! Lol

  4. Ash/Trav: Grits are strictly a mainstay in Southern food. Everything you order, especially for any meal served before noon, come with those goopy things on your plate, or in some restaurants, in a side dish. They are "made" from corn. They look like cream of wheat/rice. All my family likes them, but to me, they are nothing more than vomit on the plate and I request NO GRITS anywhere near my food! However, as much as I hate them, I think everyone should taste everything new and different and give it a try. I have eaten them and swallowing became quite difficult and it was coming back up faster than I could swallow it down!! OH well, just me...Sydney will definitely comment on this opinion of mine on good ole grits! YUCK and ICK! haha
    Dianne (Sydney's Mimi)

  5. Mimi/Papa: You gave me a good laugh at the end there! :) Thank you so much for all the information on Grits :) I think I shall try my hand at swallowing them, hopefully, not as big of a struggle like you had. There are very few food items I don't like, or wont try. Thank you again for all that info, it was very appreciated!