Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Class and Craig.

We're slowly but surely getting into the habit of our new schedule. I'm still not getting enough sleep as the monkey is sleeping only about 7-8 hours at night and making up for it during the day (all the more reason to rush to bed, I suppose). But we're working it out. It really isn't THAT different, just a twinge of strangeness as I close the curtains at dark and Stu isn't there, and waking up to a wiggly Stu instead of Kaden calling for me.

Kaden has completely gotten used to it though. This morning as Stu walked in to the living room to put his shoes on Kaden was already bidding him farewell and telling him "Lush-oo" (we don't have to ask him say "I love you" anymore... now he knows when it's appropriate to say it! hehe)

So today I finished another baby bib (two upcoming babies now = twice the knitting! haha) and now my eyes hurt from looking at it for so long. I am still the slowest knitter in the known universe, so they take me about 4-5 hours each to get done (and my girls wonder why I won't try a full-grown-human-sized sweater yet!). But I am getting more confidant with each stitch and before we know it, I am sure I will trying more complicated things. :)

Tonight Kaden and I plan to watch a movie before Daddy gets home since be brought me not one, not two, but THREE Disney movies this morning while I was cleaning the living room. I finally relented and said after nap he could watch whatever movie his little heart desires. So that's what we'll do!

I also got some school work done today during nap. Oh, Lord! I forgot to complain! :) My first test in A&P was last Thursday and It. Kicked. My. Ass...... Seriously. I was furiously using every resource I could think of to come up with the remaining 4 or so questions that I just had no idea about. (Thanks for nothing, Google!) At first I was pretty bummed about my 84 score on the test... until I checked my email this morning and saw that the professor sent out an email letting us know that the average was 62%! Holy Crapolla! I would have died if I got a 62. So now I feel SLIGHTLY better about it, and I am planning on getting perfect scores on EVERY lab and homework assignment she throws at me so I can get an A in the class (this is quickly becoming an obsession).

Lab this week: bone dissection. The poor Filipino butcher thought I was totally nuts as I explained to him in broken English that I needed a cow leg bone cut vertically open down the shaft. He raised his eyebrows at me and walked the the back to make the cut while I looked around me to see how many other people I'd humiliated myself in front of.

As far as the rest of school goes, I already finished my Art History class since it was self-paced and I got a 97% in that one (and an infinite supply of new knowledge about Rome! woot woot). And I have an A so far in Technical Communication. Though I must say, group work SUCKS. I have been the "group leader" in all but one group assignment (and we have AT LEAST one every week), not because I like leading people, but because the morons in my class have zero desire to work and I want an A. So, hopefully my soul will make it out of this class intact.

That's all the news I have.

Oh, I also discovered the wonder that is Craig's List again. This time around I was looking at what kinds of appliances were being sold in the Boise area and pretty soon I was picking out espresso machines, ellipticals, AND puppies! :) That site is the bomb.


  1. you will post pics of the second bib right????

    congrats on getting an A in art history! that's fantastic!

    As for disney movies i vote for Cars just in case Kaden needs help deciding ; )

  2. They're the same. That's the only worsted weight cotton yarn I have right now (hence the trip to Green Branch this weekend! haha). So I figured you can never have too many bibs! :)

  3. Craig's List ROCKS! That's where I found my nanny job. And I've sold hundreds of dollars of stuff on there. I check it almost every day for jobs! :)

  4. Wow that's awesome you've already finished one class! Haha I had to be group leader on most of my projects in Tech Communication too... the most aggravating part to me was people who'd been in COLLEGE for 3-4 years and were native to AMERICA still couldn't use proper English. Drove me nuts. Plus their lack of desire to ever follow directions on how to actually do the projects. Ha, fun stuff. I feel your pain.

  5. Sarah, you sound exactly like me! I complain to Stu daily about how no one actually reads the directions on the assignments and then how I have to play teacher and correct their third-grade spelling and grammar mistakes before the assignment gets turned it. Painful. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

  6. Amen to that! I feel ya. Hang in there, haha and be happy you at least get the final say instead of someone else who's "grammatically challenged." Plus you'll be soooo happy when you turn in that last group assignment. Celebrations will definitely be in order... haha with your family, as far away from the morons you worked with... at least that's how I felt! :-D