Friday, February 27, 2009


So, I finished it. And I loved it...
... so much so that I just couldn't bear the thought of having to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS to see Lindsay again so I could get the second book and talked Stu into taking me to the mall bookstore to get it.

Stu just doesn't understand (as I so recently ago didn't) how a book can be so flirty and even give you butterflies, while being completely nonsexual. Loved it. But in the meantime he keeps referring to them as my (highly sarcastically, I might add...) "vampire books". (Can I get a woot woot from my fellow Twilighters?... What did Christy call it earlier? A Twihard? Hehe)

While there we also found the ONLY place in Abu Dhabi that sells JanSport backpacks and picked up a really nice one for our Rome trip. (We also ate Burger Kind for dinner... bad, bad.) So it was a pretty productive mall trip. As usual we spent our morning at the veg market and grocery store, where spent WELL over a hundred dollars on a week's worth of food (I gotta have me some American food, ya'll). Purty frustrating.

In other news... this is the reason I don't have a cat: (well, this AND that I think they're the spawn of Satan...) And yes, that is pure joy on that little man's face. Sighhhhhh.

And here is my baby helping Mommy put away groceries this afternoon:


  1. What a big helper! Now your yarn is nice and straight and ready to roll and your cans are stacked neatly in the middle of the kitchen floor - Life is PERFECT!!! I still haven't read the twilight books, I am waiting to see if Maddy might be interested. I sure am NOT interested enough to purchase them :-)
    Love, Mamma

  2. Kaden is so cute!

    So glad to hear you love twilight!! I can give you three and four next weekend if you want to meet up... just let me know!

  3. hmm vampires hmmm i must read hmmm more spending moeny..