Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yep, as my fellow Abu Dhabi bloggers know, I'm the very LAST person to jump on this bandwagon... writing about the sandstorm. Boorrrring. I mean, sure, I never had to deal with dust/sand storm back home, but after a while it just gets irritating. What I REALLY wanted to write about was our weekend, but I haven't gotten the pictures from it yet, so I want to wait. BUT, I started receiving hate mail (Mary-Leah) from my faithful readers about my lack of blogging.

So, the sandstorm: Everyone in my family is sick now from the dust that gets into the house no matter how few doors and windows you open. We did take Kaden to the park last night, but otherwise tried to keep inside much of the weekend. I didn't actually take any pictures of it, but you can see some on Lindsay's blog here or a video on the National's website here. It looks a lot like brown fog, but it leaves you feeling like an attack of allergies. So lame.
In happier news, we had a great and busy weekend, stay tuned for the recap! :)
For the grandma's who will surely kill me for blogging without pictures of the monkey, here is Kaden at lunch on Friday:

Stretching... very tired.

Sleeping at the table.


  1. AAAWWWW!!!! Isn't he just a doll!! I have a picture of every one of you sleeping at the table or in a highchair! I always thought it was sooo funny!!
    Love, Mamma

  2. Just like, Bob Saget's, funniest home video's. So cute, ya had him all tuckered out!
    Only so much you can talk about after you've been there for so long, but you are still doing a very good job, in spite of it all.
    We're pulling for you, keep your head's up.
    Love alway's Tom, Patty and Norman!!!

  3. Hehe sleepy baby. So adorable :-)

    Hope you've made it through the sandstorm without too many allergies! (If it's gone yet... how long can the storms stick around?)


  4. I have an idea of what you are going through with the sandstorm. We get them all the time here. It wind very rarely calms down here, and when we have wind, we have sand. We stay inside also, hurts our eyes, and don't think it would be to good to ingest also.
    You lil man looks so cute sleeping at the table :)