Sunday, February 22, 2009

Easter in Rome.

So we realized last night that our trip to Rome is actually going to be over Easter weekend (read as: the biggest travel weekend in Rome). Because of it being the Catholic pilgrimage site of the world, Easter is actually a bigger travel time than Christmas!

So we're going to get there on the evening of Good Friday, although I've looked into it and we won't be able to get a Papal blessing since tickets have long been gone for this year by now. I checked.

BUT, since there are hundreds of churches in the city, we might be able to get in to an Easter Sunday Mass somewhere in the city! We will have to see how it goes, as well as make sure to allow Saturday and Sunday to be relaxing days, steering clear of the touristy places (while 3 million extra people flood the city), and then sight-seeing later in the week.

After reading through the guidebook we got yesterday, I am even more excited to go now, Eastern pilgrims or not. I do wish I would have realized it earlier so we could maybe have gotten tickets to the Vatican on Easter, but this works too.

Anyway, more later. Shrek is on and my little monkey is singing his heart out. I don't want to miss it.


  1. Looking forward to pics from Rome and the Vatican!

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