Monday, February 23, 2009

Button Holes! (woot woot!)

Thanks to the Knitting Answer Book my girls got me for my birthday, I have just finished knitting my first button holes! Yay! Now I need to go find buttons, lol. But I finished a baby bib WITH button holes today. I feel like such a knitter now! Haha. Here is my work:

Also, check out these freaking HUGE grapes! These are apparently from South Africa and HOLY CRAP! No more buying local teeny grapes for us!


  1. your knitting looks really good!

    Those grapes look pretty tasty, but just wait until the mangoes are in season again, it is really a sight to see.

  2. YAY!!! Mabrouk! Mabrouk! I love the bib. it looks fabulous

  3. oi, what happened to my post ??

  4. I am very impressed with your knitting skills!! What great work you are doing!!!! I am very proud, being a knitter myself (when I have time and it's not too hot to do it), I'm so glad you chose this hobby to entertain yourself. You will really appreciate it later in life, and you'll always remember the girls who taught you and got you interested in it!

    I cannot believe those grapes!! haha Looks like two or three would make a full day's worth of many can Sir K eat??
    Love you and miss you...MimiandPapa