Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Part 2

I’m sorry this blog is so late, BUT we really had an awesome weekend this week. On Thursday we went out to eat with Dan, one of the guys Stu works with, and his new girlfriend (I don’t know how to spell her name, but phonetically it is pronounced, “Beneville”). It was really nice to hang out with some different people (other than each other, lol), especially to finally meet one of the two guys Stu always talks about from work (the other is Ziggy and I will have to meet him eventually). So we had Mexican food and Kaden entertained them fairly well.

The next morning we went grocery shopping (uneventful this time thankfully) and were back home by 9:30 (why Kaden can’t get to concept of sleeping in on the weekends is beyond me! J). Then I had my knitting group, which is where the real fun starts. First of all, Stu was sort of dawdling and saying we’d leave late and stuff, which was weird because I like to get there on time since my girls are so much fun! So we were running really late and then he said he’d walk me up there and then go shopping for me (for V-day), which is also uncharacteristic. As soon as we got up there I knew he had been a big fat fibber because the girls had put together a little birthday surprise for me! Eva crocheted me a cupcake!!! How cool is that? And I had a little cake with my name on it. They all signed a card, which was so sweet and a fabulously tangible memory I will get to keep from here. Then I got my (appropriately yarn-wrapped) gift which is called “The Knitting Answer Book”. It’s awesome. I started reading it that night and it has EVERYTHING I’d ever need to know to keep going with knitting problems. I’ve been afraid to try any more patterns since I only have access to these girls once a month at best, so I didn’t want to start anything I couldn’t handle. So this is truly a valuable resource. (Thanks girls!!!)

Also at the meeting was a reporter for a local TV station there to do a segment on the new happenin' knitters of Abu Dhabi.

It was so fun to hang out with them as it always is. Lindsay also let me borrow Knit Two (yayayayaya) and, as Hayley will be happy to hear, Twilight. So yes, after I finish Knit Two, which I started last night, I will officially be a Twilight reader, like the rest of the known universe.

Eva also taught me how to crochet (or started teaching me, we will see how many more lessons I need!) so maybe I will be involved in even more yarn than normal!

Here are some pictures of the festivities:

Hala took a picture of us before we got to the Coffee Shop. (I love how Stu and Kaden have the same unamused face, hehe)

I love these girls.

Sarah, the reporter, getting some good shots of the needles at work!

Eva holding the TOTALLY awesome cupcake she made
I didn't get a picture of the cake before I started gobbling! So here is what's left.
Lindsay and Kundi, knitting away!
Rama and Charmaine, ready for their close-up!


  1. What a great birthday part 2! that is so awesome those girls all got together to do something special for you! Glad you have a group of girls there to chat with!

  2. had so much fun the other day!! i'm really glad you enjoyed your surprise... I hope that you enjoy twilight as much as I did!!!

    oh and you have to do a book review about knit too too!!