Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Indeed.

We actually had a pretty eventful weekend. This is only worth mentioning because typically our weekends have become so... boring.

We had to do another border run (forgot the camera again, sorry), so on Friday morning we made our way to Oman. My friend Eva called me the night before to let me know the prices had dropped again (woot woot!) which we were happy to hear, and that the Hili crossing wasn't letting in Residents anymore. So we went to another border port we'd been told about from some of the guys Stu works with. Both crossings had indoor, air conditioned waiting rooms, which is pretty important in the summer, and even though the Omani port was a MUCH longer wait, it was indoors and nice and Kaden found his fun by climbing up and down the stairs. I think we will go through that port from now on though because the guys on the UAE side were much nicer than their Hili counterparts. Plus it is always nice to let Kaden out of the car to run around, even if it is only on stairs.

We stopped for lunch at KFC on the way home (Kaden loved his fries, wasn't too keen on popcorn chicken) and then Kaden cried most of the way home as he fought sleep. We got home around two and then took a much needed family nap! :) We woke up again at 4 (!!!) and then headed to the Lebanese Flower for dinner. It was lovely and Kaden flirted with our table neighbors, a couple ladies from Turkey. After they left, some Spanish vacationers took their spot and I eavesdropped on their conversation, trying to refresh my Spanish mind. It was a good time. Stu had some shisha and then we had a nice walk home in the unseasonably cool evening air.

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up a little after Stu got up with Kaden. I would have liked to sleep longer since how often do I not have to get up when Kaden does??? But, unfortunately I wasn't sleepy anymore, so we went to the outdoor market for our fruits and veggies for the week. As always Kaden swooned the shop keeper and got free bananas while we shopped and paid even less once again for our food.

Lulu's wasn't as uneventful as it usually is as the Philippina girl working the deli counter (same one as always) decided to skip over us to the next lady waiting (there were only two of us waiting and she knew damn well we were next). So we threw a fit as she kept trying to pass over us. Bitch. Ended up having to talk to her supervisor, who, in no uncertain terms, told us we were white and could wait until the Arab was served... (Ok, he didn't actually say that, but that was basically how it went down. I'm so tired of being a second-class citizen.) With a dampened mood we finished our shopping and I got a Starbuck's coffee since it was my birthday! Hehe. I used that excuse a lot yesterday! :)

After nap time (during which I had to work on homework... poo) we took Kaden to the park. He's getting so smart these days! He can say practically anything and he is retaining most of what I tell him things are! We stayed for a while, Kaden making little friends as always, but when we tried to leave, he THREW. A. FIT. I have never seen him get so emotional about leaving the park before. He kept saying, "More Bok" (more park) over and over. So sad!

I wiped off his tear-stained dirty park cheeks and then we headed to Cantina Laredo for my birthday dinner (because nothing says "home" like good Tex-Mex cuisine!). We got the same awesome waiter we had last time and he was wonderful again. Stu told him it was my birthday and toward the end of our meal, the sullen Mexican love-song that was playing was suddenly replaced by a blaring Birthday song over the speakers. (Oh God... Maybe it is someone else's birthday...) Of course out comes the whole crew with an Ethiopian guy leading the newly-Rasta-sounding birthday song. (It was awesome!) Kaden was terrified and put his head in his hands to sob while they sang. You know the best method to making a face redder than it already is??? Your husband saying "Your face is SO red!" over and over. Sigh. The waiter came out with three "roses" he made for me out of napkins and straws and we called it a meal. It really was a nice experience!

We ended the night with popcorn and my pick movie (Just Married), which was great. Then headed to bed.

All in all it was a great birthday for being over here with no friends or family. My wonderful husband really tried his hardest to make it a special day for me and I'd say he definitely succeeded! :)

Here are some pics from my birthday!

Birthday girl... we're getting ready to go to the market.

My cake! It says, "Happy Birthday Lover Face!" :)

My card that made me cry! Sweet Stuie.

Making a wish!

My flowers from Cantina Laredo!
And here are the park pics!



    mmmmm... TexMex.....Good choice

    Glad to hear you had a great day!!

  2. Thank you! And I got your text today too! :)

  3. Sounds like a great birthday (and boo to the nasty Phillipina girl who wouldn't wait on you!). Loved the cake - so cute! And loved the park pics esp. the one of Kaden swinging toward the camera! Might steal that one for my blog! HAHA! Love you and miss you tons!

  4. Oh my goodness Kaden is huge! OH and happy late birthday! What an awesome hubby you have! Miss you guys.

    Nicole and Rylan

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a GREAT day, what a great husband you have to make it special for you :)

  6. I'm glad Stu helped you have a great birthday! He's awesome...but you know that! Kaden looks so cute at the park...we passed a park today and I told Papa how much I missed being with Kaden at the park and he agreed! We are thinking of October to come over again...we'll make plans with you first, of course, but we definitely want to come before you come home to the good ole USA!! Love you and talk to you later! So glad you had a great birthday! Mimi and Papa..

    I love you!
    xoxo Hayley