Monday, February 2, 2009


Per Lindsay's request, here is my new cool mug from Hubby! :) (I was telling Stu how much I miss having friends like this from back home... that get as excited as me over trivial things. At least I have a Lindsay here!)

And here is a mad baby this morning... I didn't let him take pictures and this is the face he had for me as a result:


  1. Wow Kaden looks so different in this picture to me! Maybe it's just his expression?

    I love your mug! It looks normal size in the pictures, but wow 18 oz!! Idaho must be beautiful... I really want to travel 'out west' one day (haha it's still called that right?) The scenery is just so different from NC.

    My current favorite mug I use is a big snowman mug, I think it's almost that same size (who cares if it never snows here? makes me happy!)... :-)


  2. He has about a 30-40 word vocabulary right now. He gets by on his words and gestures for now. It's so nice being able to actually figure out what he wants instead of relying on him crying! :)