Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Knit... Or To Read.

So I'm half-way through the book Knit Two. Which, as you might have guessed, is about knitting. A knitting group, more specifically, and the goings on in the lives of the members of the group. Here's my problem: Reading about knitting makes me WANT to knit. But I can't knit and read at the same time. This sucks (the book is good... and totally reminds me our my OWN knitting group!). So I find myself going between knitting and reading at a dizzying pace! In between that I try to cook some, tend to my child, and maybe get some homework done. No wonder I've been feeling less bored lately. I'm actually doing stuff!

Maybe I should try books on tape. My Dad used to listen to them when he was in college because he had an hour and a half commute to school... a great use of time (plus he hates reading, heh). I've never actually listened to one before, but I am at a loss about what to do about my knit v. read conundrum. So I blog! Ha!

Anyway, same old same in the life of Sydney today. I sent Stuie off to work and Kaden and I read some books (he knows SO many words now!) and then colored until he got in trouble for eating crayons again. (I even bought colored pencils the other day! Silly Mommy)

Now he is napping and I am back to my reading/knitting. I am working on a "toy" of sorts (baby!) right now and the stitches are tiny so it is slow-going and slightly frustrating. Lindsay mentioned a few posts ago that when she is knitting something for someone, she thinks of them while she's knitting it and I realized I do that same thing. Like the bibs, I knew each one was for a specific friend and I thought of that friend and memories we've had together while I was knitting... sort of absentmindedly. And it really is a way to bring the cliché, "made with love" into reality since it was made with needles and yarn, sure, but also with memories and smiles and a warm-heart just because the person is who they are.

On the same note, I need to pick up some shipping envelopes to send out some of creations to their new respective owners. I have made some people some things and them sitting in my knitting box is not getting them used! :)


  1. You're going to love this - at our elementary school they started a knitting club for boys only! (they already have one for girls). Harrison and a bunch of other boys joined it and yesterday he came home with his needles and yarn! He's knitting a square that will be used in a quilt for a needy child. The girls teased him mercilessly about joining a knitting club, but I thought, why the hell not? Then I asked him to knit me a scarf! :)

  2. That is so awesome! Go Harrison! I think you should get the girls to do it too. It's a great/productive past time to have! Instead of wasting away the time watching TV (or YouTube! haha) you can do stuff for friends or family or for charity. There are TONS of charity knits that I've come across. From premie hats and bibs to Afghans!

    Harrison, You Rock!

  3. I betcha I know who one of your pregnant friends is!? ;) A VERY good friend of mine too :)

  4. Nooo! I didn't know SHE was pregnant!! Yayyy! I was talking about a friend in Boise and a friend of my little sister's from CdA. Cool! Gosh I wish I still had Verizon so I could call her!

  5. yay! well at least you know now! and just to make sure we are talking about the same person, which I am sure we are, its Melissa! yep, pregnant again! crazy huh?!! Her two little ones will only be 17 months apart! I am so excited for them, I really hope it is a girl :)

  6. Yeah, that's who I just knew you meant. How cool. I hate missing everything though! :( It bums me out that I can't be there to watch everything I am missing! But yay for more and more babies! Haha. Looks like it's about your turn honey! :)