Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knit Two. (A Review: for Lindsay)

So I finished it today. (Buy it here.)

(I realize I just posted earlier today that I was merely half-way through the book... it was pretty good. So I just kept reading... Kaden was very understanding. I read more than half of it out loud for his listening pleasure.)

Boy, what a book. Kate Jacobs may not be a complete literary genius, but her books are so heart-warming and comforting that they are hard to put down. This second novel was a little bit predictable in certain places (Sarah? Come on... we all saw that coming from the first mention of her in the wedding picture), but it was an absolutely joy to read. I would recommend this book with hot chocolate on a particularly rainy day to warm your soul. It is for knitters and non-knitters alike.

A perfect testament to the power of true friendship and to the camaraderie that exists in knitting circles everywhere.

U-knitted Amiras: I think for the next KAL we should knit the Georgia Afghan… the pattern is in the back of the book. (If not, I think I’ll have a go at it on my own… or at least try my hand at the Maple Apple Muffins!)

Fellow Foodies: In other news, Kate Jacob's next novel (soon to be released... pre-order it here) is entitled "Comfort Food" and sounds like it could be one for those of us who love to eat!


  1. i'm feeling very popular on you blog... :::blush blush:::

    i'm really glad you liked the book. i'm really hoping there are more to come! but now you need to tell me how you like twilight!!! will you get as addicted as the rest of us???

  2. I will begin my Twilight conquest tonight! Stay tuned! :)