Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day morning we woke up fairly early and I made pink pancakes for breakfast. I tried to make them heart-shaped at first, but that failed miserably, so we just had pink ones. It was pretty fun though. My boys got a kick out of them, so that was all that mattered! We had a pretty lazy day since I actually felt really crappy. But Stuie, in his wonderfulness made me a bath with rose petals and candles and set me up to listen to some podcasts about our upcoming Roman adventure while I soaked. It was great. I stayed in the bath for about an hour. We also watched The Rookie and then Stu watched some more TV while I wrote a paper for my Biology class. We took Kaden to the park for a bit and then headed to Spinney’s where we spent thirty freaking dollars on 4 items: Little Smokies, a 2-pound bag of frozen shrimp, Whipped Cream, and cocoa powder for baking. Thirty. Dollars.

Anyway, then we went home and made a picnic dinner on the floor of the living room like we did last year (although last year Kaden could barely roll over, so he wasn’t stealing shrimp last year! Haha). I didn’t get a picture, but we had quite a spread including shrimp cocktail, Swiss and brie cheeses with crackers and sliced baguette, grapes, strawberries, Little Smokies, and some milk (no wine this year). We watched the very romantic movie Gladiator (sense the sarcasm please) and then called it a night. All in all a very good Valentine’s Day!

We also got to open boxes from Mimi and Marcia (those her's arrived after Valentine's day) and we all got new undergarments from Mimi (hehe) and Kaden got some wife beaters and big boy undies! So cool! We also got come goodies to eat and Marcia's had a bunch of cool decorations and some pink dilly boppers (or whatever they're really called) as well as a bunch of magazines and mail! We had a great time with their gifts!

Pink pancake batter!

Everyone thought they were a hit!

Ignore our sleepy, morning eyes! :)


  1. Pink pancakes! Why didn't I think of that? That's so funny. =]

    Love the pictures. Trust me, everyone who reads your blog probably wishes that they looked like you in the morning!

    Love you! <3

  2. awwww...sounds like you had a great V-Day also! I love the PINK pancakes! What a great idea, that I would never think of! Thats crazy that is costs that much for those four items!! Glad you had a fun day too!

  3. You are so skinny! Eat more pancakes! :)

  4. PINK Pancake's how FUNNY!! Fun breakfest.

  5. Ahh love the pancakes!! So fun! And Kaden mid-bite, hehe. And believe me, I wish my hair could look as tame as yours in the mornings - I have an afro, dark blonde, just like a lion's mane, every morning. Hehe. Even I laugh at it. :-)


  6. Man, Oh Man!! You have just wasted away in the last couple of months!!You look seriously HOT!! (Even though it was morning!!) I made my pink pancakes heart shaped for V-day, but everyone agreed that they looked more like mickey mouse ears than hearts. hahaha! I had 6 kids in the house so I made ALOT of heart shaped pancakes!!

  7. That's so funny that you call it a lion's mane because that's exactly what Stu calls my hair in the morning after a night time shower! My hair only looked straight because I straightened it the night before. And wait till you have a baby! It will be curlier and bigger time ten! Haha

  8. Haha oh boy, can't wait for bigger hair! Yeah another of my cousins had stick straight hair, then had 2 kids, now it's literally ringlet curly. No more straightening for her, haha. My hair does that exactly like yours, because I usually take my shower at night and sleep on the hair. I actually slept on it straightened last night, and it was SO much easier to get ready this morning!! Ah, crazy hair...

  9. I forgot to tell you that I noticed the Idaho mug!! :-) Lovely.