Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brudder and Seastars.

I got an email from each of my two youngest siblings yesterday. I forget what a seriously awesome family I have, being so far away all the time. But I think my family might be one of the most hilarious groups of people who have ever grouped together. I find so many other people dull and irritating and I realize it's because I have the amazing fortune to come from such a fab family.

Our family isn't perfect of course, we have the odd relatives just like every other family, but it's always been weird to me when families are not as close-knit as ours. Stu's family all basically live in the same state, most in the same little town even, and they don't even get together for the mostpart. Stu was talking to his Dad the other day and mentioned that it was a cousin's graduation. A cousin that in the years that I've known Stu, I've never heard mentioned. What? I talk about Hayley and Flower like they are siblings of mine. It's just so foreign to me, and even more strange when i realize how common that is. So many families don't get together like ours and when they do, it's often an obligation. Not with ours... the best get togethers are the ones with my family (ask any of my friends... lol. I even have an ex-boyfriend I can't get out of my life because he still likes my family so much that he goes to hang out with them still).

But my brother and sister are so old now. They have their own personalities and are absolutely such a pleasure to be around. And ALL of the women of my family are a riot. Before we came out here, I had rarely gone a month or two without seeing my family (and when Stu and I got together I made it clear that I had no intention of leaving the area because of the desire to be near my family... which he quickly shared). Now that we've been here, I haven't seen anyone except Mimi and Papa for a year now and it will be even longer than that until I see Justine again because she is going to be stationed in Germany. It sucks.

I just can't wait to get back home where I can be around positive, happy people once again. My sister (Maddison) relayed a story about a conversation between her and my mom in the car and I could just picture it and cracked up thinking about the two of them. It reminds me how important a good family structure and support system is to have. I want to make sure I pass on these types of values to Kaden and teach him how to be the best person he can be. Being around people who love life, or can take a humorous approach when things don't go well, makes you a better person.

Anyway, thanks, family, for being so awesome. I love you! :)


  1. I love you more - I love you to infinity :-)

    I share your sentiments exactly! I have never known a family with more awesome people. I am bragging, but I am allowed when its true!!


  2. Wow you make me excited to hang out with all you guys in a few months! Haha, sounds like I'll get to laugh a lot! But what you said is very true... it's such a blessing to have wonderful people surrounding you who love life and cause you to do the same.

  3. I think we have an awesome family, too. As Sydney said, some in this family are rather odd at times, but mostly we have a good time when we get together with lots of hugs and lots of laughs! If I ever need a good laugh, I just call up Monica or Doug and get what I was looking for!! hahaha

  4. awww...that is sweet! Exactly how my family is! I couldn't go a day without talking to them, and a week without seeing them! Definitely the best get togethers are with family. My family comes and goes with us everywhere! I love it! Glad to hear, you are a family lover also :)