Saturday, June 27, 2009


This weekend we did a little shopping, which was kind of new. Kaden scored some stunner shades that are his size, a potty chair (we'll see how that goes) and some squirt guns in an effort to keep slightly cooler on our roof visits.

Stu picked out an Ansel Adams (my fave) picture puzzle for me. That was sweet and I hope it goes well. Kaden has been known to run (crawl) off with puzzle pieces in the past, so hopefully this one will get put together in its entirety.

We watched way too much TV this weekend though. On Saturday we were on the roof before 9 AM and it was so hot we were all miserable within 15 minutes. After hitting up Toys R Us and Marina Mall, we'd exhausted our "out" time and had to come home and make lunch for Kaden and put him down for nap. So Stu and I watched Apollo 13 on TV. We also watched Never Back Down last night and Untraceable and Madagascar 2 the nights before that. I'm basically TV'd out, but Kaden wanted to watch Cinderella this morning. Sunday mornings are worthless for cute kids' shows and since he decided to get up at 6:30, we have a long day ahead of us.

Now I am going to go get some house stuff done and play shapes with Kaden. 38 days until vacation!

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