Friday, June 19, 2009


Last night after dinner we decided to treat ourselves to some Cold Stone ice cream. YUM! Whatever PMSing or prego woman thought up "Cake Batter" ice cream (I added chocolate chip cookie dough of course), I sincerely thank you!

On our way back to the car after walking around for a while, there was an Arab guy about our age waiting for the elevator (too lazy to use the escalator I presume)... he was wearing a plaid "cowboy" collared shirt with the collar popped, unbuttoned to his (shaved) nipples, with black and blue skinny jeans and snake skin European-inspired shoes. He had on his sunglasses inside of course... wouldn't want to smash the faux-hawk. When Stu turned around to face me with wide, can-you-believe-this-shit?-eyes, I lost it. I started giggling so hard I thought I might pee. It was just another time I soooo wished I had a camera phone.

In good spirits after our run in with "Arab Cowboy", we drove into our neighborhood and Stu asked me if I wanted to "try driving". Feeling like a 13-year0old who has never driven, I get behind the wheel.... And I felt like a 13-year-old who had never driven! What the heck? I've been driving for years. But apparently 15 months of no driving makes one a klutz behind the wheel. I drove all through the neighborhood though and Stu is going to look into what it will take for me to get a license here. I MIGHT feel confident enough to drive here now. I've had plenty of passenger experience with the idiocy of the drivers and I think I'm ready to handle it. I'd rather go home. But because is sticking to his "December" plan, I'd rather have the ability to drive than not.

We've done nothing else of note yet this weekend. I read some after grocery shopping and tried unsuccessfully to take a nap (whatever passes the time, am I right?), but we are going to that little Asian place we like so much for dinner tonight.

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  1. I can't believe you finally decided to drive over there!! haha For God's sake, don't do it everyday! Runs the risk up, you know? It will be a welcomed break from your "stay-at-home-self!" I'm not sure I would have the nerve to do it myself, but I hope you stay safe while having the baby in the car. Good Luck and we love you!!