Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Thanks to Lindsay's book sharing, I just finished the book Princess by Jean Sasson. It is a true story about the life of a royal princess in Saudi Arabia. My take on it is this: If I would have read it two years ago, I would have been shocked and horrified by the stories of some of the things that happened to this woman throughout her life.

Now? I guess I've become jaded. I read it basically nodding or shaking my head in regret for the ignorance of some people (whole countries of people), but not being wholly surprised in any way. I've heard countless similar stories since I've been here. It should feel amazing that people are living in such dire circumstances in this day and age, but it's not. I've seen first-hand the result of men thinking (knowing, in their minds) that they are better, more entitled, and naturally more intelligent than women. Part of me, as a relatively intelligent woman, wants to feel severely angry toward these men, but another part of me knows that a reaction such as anger is exactly what they want, because it means they have control over you.

It's like back in grade school. You don't let the bully see you cry or he has won. I've done it here, I've shouted at men for staring. I've glared back at ones leering at me and licking their lips. And you know what they do? They smile as sinisterly as they can muster and it only reminds me that with ignorant men, they win if I give in. Instead I now fantasize (while I walk by them with my shades on in an effort to ignore them) about kidnapping them and taking them to my own country and turning them loose on a gang of Dykes on Bikes of seriously scary women.

Luckily, God thought enough to me to allow me to be born an American, and for that I am grateful. In a matter of months I will get to return to men who only stare because they appreciate what they see, not to remind you that they think you're a whore because you're fair skinned and haired and Western (infidel). It will be a refreshing change of pace to be generally ignored.

Feel like a sad dip into the painful lives of Saudi women? Read it.


  1. wow! you read that fast! the next one isn't quite so heavy. but totally understand the "jaded" feeling

  2. http://chasing-jannah.blogspot.com/2009/05/jean-sassoon-just-another-propagandist.html

    Take with a large grain of salt (not the book, the above blog post).