Monday, June 1, 2009

Mas Cajas.

Last week we got a package from Mimi and Papa that was just for Stu and I! Pretty cool, huh? Kaden didn't mind since there were shirts in there (with camels on them, hehe) and he thinks all clothes are his, so he was thrilled. :P

We got lots of food stuffs including a box of Au Gratin potatoes which I made with our meatloaf last night and it was awesome.

Then yesterday we got a box from Mo that was almost exclusively Cars stuff! Kaden was screaming with excitement over his new Car-shaped plate with McQueen on it and his matching cup (which he promptly ran with over to the water cooler and filled and then dumped on the kitchen floor... that one may live in the cabinet for a bit longer). But there was all kinds of fun stuff including a "magic" washcloth that expands from a car shape into a washcloth when put in water. He also got Cars bubbles, a Cars beach ball, and Madagascar crayons. :) She also included a DVD of the talent show this year, which I'm looking forward to watching.
AND Mo remembered Chewy Sprees!!! I was so excited. I'd run out of the ones my Mom sent, so it is always wonderful when I see some in there. Yay!
Here is Kaden enjoying the shapes I cut out of one of the boxes for him. He is decorating them now and then he kept rearranging them into new shapes (like a square and triangle become a house). Genius.


  1. baby! Wow, it seems like my package took a LONG time....I'm glad you guys liked everything. I'm already working on another one.....

  2. I'm so happy MO sent something for him as I had nothing to send to him in our last box! Of course, that will never happen again but this time I just couldn't fit the thing that I did hav for him in that sized box! I got him a "jack-in-the-box" and it's a cube shape so won't go into the "flat rate" boxes I had! Maybe the next time... Hope you feel better and that Kaden doesn't find any more baby powder!! ahha That was too funny!!! Love you!!