Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Final Countdown.

I'm kind of a countdown freak, in case you haven't noticed yet. Lol (See TWO separate countdowns on my blog right now...). So, I started the FINAL countdown. :) Yesterday I made a chain countdown with a link for each of the days we have left here (assuming our plans stay the same). Unfortunately it's much longer than Stu or I would have hoped, but it's a tangible way for me to watch how many days are left. So, here's the Till-we-go-home Chain!

Kaden loves to play where our shoes go (and put them all on of course), so here he is in the entry way, and one of him up close trying to see the "beebee" on the camera screen (himself).


  1. Aw such pretty eyes! Compared to how long you've been there, the chain doesn't look too long at all, plus you get to break it up with a vacation!

  2. I can't believe how much he is changing - his hair is getting darker and longer, and he's just starting to look like a little kid instead of a baby! I can't wait till you guys come home! :(

  3. Sarah, that's what we keep telling ourselves. Each of the colors represents one month... when looked at all together, it doesn't seem TOO bad! :)

    Mo, I KNOW. Every time he moves he's doing something new and different and "big boy". Yesterday alone I swear he learned 10 new words, and remembered even more that I didn't think he knew to begin with. No more teeny baby, that's for sure! (And yeah, totally going to be a little brown-haired boy, not blonde like we all were)