Monday, June 22, 2009

The Weekend and Father's Day!

We had a pretty decent weekend, all things considered. I've been having a tough couple of weeks recently, and it's been taking its toll on my outlook, but I think I'm on the back-side of the episode. In an effort to cheer me up, Stu came home after work on Thursday bearing a lovely bouquet of flowers for me.

Thursday evening we went back to Zyng and it was yummy again. As expected, we're now known by the staff as "regulars" and the waitress greeted Kaden, "Hello baby, nice to see you again, Sir." He blushed. She swooned.
Stu and I traded what we each had last time and we both liked it again. I think that is nearing the top spot for one of my favorite places here. That it looks over the Gulf, which glistens in the sun around dinner time is none-too-shabby either.

Kaden in his fireman garb.

Stu was a doll and made me breakfast this weekend! French Toast and eggs with sausage and onion. It was wonderful and I got to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing (which he doesn't even drink). Then we did the usual shopping (which is ever more expensive, even though I have been frugalizing my menus even more lately. We're over a hundred bucks a week on raw ingredients for one week; it's ridiculous).

We got Cold Stone for dessert and then we walked around the mall and I got a bath pillow the tub! I was excited to make bath time even more relaxing. I got to try it out on Saturday while Kaden napped and it was great.

Yesterday was Father's Day and holidays are tough for us here because I can't easily head to a store (and even if I get to one, not the RIGHT stores), so holidays typically mean dinner and an art project. Heh. This was no exception. I drew letters for "DADDY" and then Kaden colored them and we hung them down the wall. And then we made a hanging banner strung across the hallway for Stu to see when he walked in. Stu said the effort we put in were way more meaningful than if we were to buy him a gift though. :)

I made him a dinner of roast chicken, stuffing (which he LOVES), mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and corn with bacon, and rolls. Everyone liked it and then, per Daddy's request, I made Brownies for dessert. Stu got to have "his pick" for the evening so he picked popcorn and a movie... we only watched half of Oceans 13 since we got it started so late, but I think we will finish that tonight. All-in-all it was a nice Father's Day and Stu seemed happy about it, which is all that matters.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day!


  1. Pretty flowers! Awesome Father's day gifts/menu/dessert! And adorable fireman baby! Yay!

  2. Aw I love all the Father's Day stuff - so sweet! I totally agree - effort and thought are the best gift of all. :-)