Monday, June 15, 2009

I Have Become My Mother.

Life comes full circle, doesn't it? As I was finishing up Kaden's haircut last night, with him in his diaper, dropping the hair clumps onto the pile of Stu's (ever more grey, hehe) hair, I had a moment of "Oh goodness, I'm my Mommy."

Every few weeks when I was a kid, my Dad and brother would strip to their skivies and get the old clipper cut from my Mom. One of the rest of us (girls) would then be assigned the duty of sweeping up the hair. I remember thinking on more than one occassion that my future husband could get his butt to the barber because I wouldn't be performing such an obnoxious task. (One that she still performs every few weeks for both boys)

Sure enough, I've fallen prey to the idea that "20 bucks every two weeks is a waste of money when I can do it for free". I now foresee decades of future haircuts in my future. :)

But, this sad affair got me thinking about all the other ways I'm my Mom's twin and it just reminded me how fortunate I was to have such a great role model and friend growing up.

So here's to becoming my Mommy! Instead of the eye-roll or the panic that is usually associated with this epiphany, I gladly accept the honor.


  1. What a nice tribute to your mom! She should feel VERY proud! You are a great daughter!!!!

  2. I do the clipper cuts for my boys too. So much cheaper. I even trim CheyAnn's hair from time to time.

    I think it takes us becoming mothers to realize how great our own mom's are. Your mom will love this post when she reads it.

  3. Aw how sweet! I feel the same way about my mommy. :-)

    So I do have a question - do you cut it all the same length, or do you try to blend the top with shorter sides and back? I used to cut my brother's hair, and I'm trying to convince J to let me do the same. Takes some getting used to again though, to do 2 lengths. But like you said, it saves money every 2 weeks!

  4. Sarah: Kaden's I cut all one length because he's so squirmy, but Stu's I do two lengths and fade the sides. And yeah, WAY cheaper than spending the money... even though I hate doing it and I always end up with hair splinters. Lol

  5. Thanks! Hahaha hair splinters. I just get aggravated when I keep finding little dark hairs EVERYWHERE! And those little suckers like to stick to everything instead of rinsing off.

  6. You made me cry! That was the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. Its hard to imagine that you are now a Mom - doing Mom things- and realizing why I did those same things. I couldn't be prouder to have you for a daughter!
    I Love You Millions!!!!!

  7. we think a like! I haven't been able to talk my hubby into letting me cut his hair, but it will come one day! I also realized a little while ago that I am becoming more and more like my Mom, and yes back when we were little we hoped that was the last thing that would happen. Now we are glad :) very good blog I enjoyed it