Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Growing Baby Monkey.

So, it's time for me to admit it, my baby is not really a "baby" anymore. Sighhhhh. I wanted him to stay all scrunchy and snuggly forever. Actually, he is more cuddly now that he is older. When he was littler, you couldn't pay that kid to lay down long enough to cuddle, he was always moving on to the next thing! Now he'll come to me to cuddle on his own, so I guess there ARE some perks to his getting older.

But, he's also been increasing his vocabulary daily and he surprises Stu and I EVERY day when he puts new phrases and sentences together on his own. Here is a list of my favorite Kaden phrases: (These are going to be written phonetically and then I'll put the real words in parenthesis)

"Come-ear!" (Come here) This is my absolute favorite phrase and he melts my heart every time he says it!

"Luh you" (I love you)

"Tittle belly!" (Tickle belly)

"Loooove da-da!" (or any other person, he take the initiative and says "Loooove papa-mimi" all the time too [Papa and Mimi are one entity to him. :)])

He also learned recently to say, "Bend your knees.... JUMP!" We taught him how to jump with this phrase so now he walks around saying it and jumping on his own accord.

He also has recently learned how to make jokes of his own. This started when he would walk around the house yell-singing "Mimi! Papa! Mimi! Papa!" over and over. Then I started to join in on his chant and he would LAAAUGH. So now it's a game, he will chant-scream "Mimi! Papa!" over and over until I join in and when I do he stops and doubles over from laughing so hard. It's freaking adorable.

Then, his newest joke is to say the wrong word for things. He will tell me he wants "more water" and then as I go get it he says, "Milk!" and I say "water!" and he laughs and repeats, "milk!" over and over. Same with shapes. He knows what a circle is every time, but he forgets the words for triangle and square so he comes to me to ask what they are and then when I tell him, "triangle" he smiles mischievously and says, "Circle!" and then laughs when I try to correct him, "No, 'triangle'." "Circle!" (laughter)

He makes me laugh so hard during the day now though and sadly, he really is my best friend. Lol. We get a new inside joke every day and I can't wait to see what his personality is going to develop into. Stu is always saying, "He sure is your son!" when he does Mom-like things. Just like Mom, he sleeps with a blanket over his head, he picks his food apart and eats it separately instead of together (we got this habit from grandma even, so it's really passed down! haha).

He also appears to have a skin fetish because any time Stu or I have exposed skin to likes to rub it and then give us kisses. So whenever I wear shorts he comes running up to hug my leg and then kiss it and when Stu is without a shirt he always has to kiss his belly! Funny, weird baby.

My baby has his own ways and personality! It's got to be strange for parents to watch this grow and develop as their kids get older and older.


  1. My heart melted when I read this! It's so wonderful to see the changes in their personalities as they get older and this is the greatest time, I think, when they start talking more in's so cute! I can't wait to see him again and enjoy his game of silliness and laughing! What a guy! He's going to win so many hearts when he one day gets to live in the United States!! Love to all...Mimi/Papa (haha)

  2. When Hayley was little I'd put her to bed and say "Goodnight, my little best friend" and she'd say "Goodnight, my big best friend". It was so sweet. And now with Harrison I say "Good night, my best little boy" and he goes "Good night, my best big mama" and then adds "in height" HAHA! So as not to be calling me "fat"! But when he was little and it was just us at home for a while when the girls were in school, he was like my little best friend - he made me laugh every day! Enjoy every minute - they are gone too soon!