Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Dry Heat Myth.

So. It's hot. Like really hot. Not so hot you can't breathe yet, which I'm disappointed I even remember from last year, because it's already so much hotter than I remembered. See, when I first came here, I expected Phoenix-type weather. Desert = dry heat, right? I remember it being over 100 in Phoenix and never sweating because it feels like a hair dryer on your skin and doesn't have humidity hanging all around. I assumed it would be the same here, right? Desert = dry heat? WRONG!

Last night Stu and I decided to walk down to the mobile phone shops on Defense street to try to find a car holder/charger for his ipod as well as a skin for it so he doesn't hurt it.

We got down there, which is less than a half mile away, and I accidentally brushed up against Stu's arm and felt... moisture. I was like, "Wow, you're really sweating" as I went to wipe it off my arm and found out that we were both... WET. Not just like that glisten you get on a terribly hot day in the States. I wiped down my arm (I was in a tank and jeans) and the moisture that had not yet been disturbed easily formed droplets and ran down and off me. And let me clarify, it wasn't all sweat. It is so humid here right now (90-100%) that moisture actually accumulates on your skin, hair, clothes, etc. Even before taking into account that it's ALSO freaking hot and that you're going to sweat when it's 108 outside. I had showered a few hours before and put my hair into a bun and when we got back home my hair was actually wetter than before we left the house (so were my pants, and my shirt was disgusting after the walk had created droplets that ran down my back...).

So those of you complaining about how "hot" it is... don't.

Stu also had to go into every single phone store (like 15 of them) before finally deciding on what he wanted. Poor Kaden was bright red in his stroller and just wanted to get back into the A/C. Next time, we don't leave the house until dark if we plan to be outside for any length of time. Noted.

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  1. YUCK!! Our relative humidity here is 93% right now, and I was noticing this morning how hard it is to breathe in that. It gets in the 90s here, but I can't imagine 108 degree heat with that humidity. Haha August here in NC is usually our worst time - you guys will probably find it a relief!