Saturday, June 6, 2009


This morning was fun. I got a little treat and met Hala and Kundi for brunch! It was even more great because it was actually affordable (only 27 Dhs!) and the price included the fabulous cappuccino I had. Yay. :) We had a great time chatting and eating of course, since I always have a wonderful time when I get with the girls, but then, the spoils continued as Hala brought a whole huge bag of yarn for me! I think I am going to start making some accessories for the baby doll Kaden is in love with. I feel like practicing can only make me a better knitter and a few items that are "for" his baby will make him very happy.

The rest of the weekend was fairly typical. We hung around the house a lot and Stu was thrilled to download songs and applications for his new toy (you would not believe the stuff they have for that thing!). He inspired me to wipe my mp3 player and start over. I realized the reason I avoid listening to it is because it was packed with crappy songs. So I deleted them all and started fresh. I only have about 150 back on there so far, but they are 150 better songs than constantly skipping through the "shuffle" function.

The only other thing worth noting is when we went grocery shopping this week (and once again I wish I had a camera with me), I went over to get some potatoes for the potato soup I am making this week and there were Idaho potatoes! Stu and I both got all excited (and frightened an unsuspecting Indian man who kept looking back at the potatoes for the inside joke).

Unfortunately, even though they were priced more than a dollar per kilo more than the potatoes I was picking through, they were all basically mush and covered in eyes. I guess it IS a long trip for a potato from Idaho. I had to snicker though when I told Stu that we were passing up our own potatoes for the Saudi variety. With that said, we will definitely "buy Idaho" when we get home, per Butch's request (seriously, people, how many states can say they have a Governor who answers to "Butch" and still take themselves seriously?).


  1. Oh boy. I can just see Stu's face...
    Stu: What are you making?
    Syd: Accessories for Kaden's baby doll, cute huh?
    Stu: Blank stare... small fit of rage.

  2. A new restaurant in the Boise area is called the Idaho Fry House and was recently accused by the Idaho Potato Board of not actually using Idaho spuds. Big can o'whup ass ensued and has been taking up space in our every shriking local newspaper for a week or so now! Only in Idaho. :) WHAT were they thinking!?

  3. Saudi potatoes? Stuff grows in Saudi arabia? I wudve thought it was too hot!

    Anyway, Prince Edward Island Potatoes for life!!! (as a proud Canadian)

  4. That's funny! Who knew people were really so attached to their potatoes??? Haha. And yeah, Abid, the Saudi potatoes, while small, and with a very thin skin, are just as good as any other potato I've ever had. :) Apparently some things CAN grow in the desert!

  5. HAHAHA! Thin skinned...was that a play on words? :P

    P.S. There is nothing like a good Idaho potato - if we could buy them here in Idaho - WE have to eat Washington potatos! Stupid :-)