Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Number 4... and Counting.

So last night Stu got into his 4th car wreck in the past 15 months. Rest assured, he is fine, not even any scratches this time, thank God, but the car once again is not. (Another day I'm so glad we decided against buying a car here.)

So, what happened was, Stu was driving along on his way home and there is construction going on where there were barriers on both sides of the two-lane road. A semi in the lane beside him decided without warning to drive into his lane. He slammed on his brakes but it still hit on the back corner of the truck. He said the whole front of the car was destroyed.

Poor Stu had to wait for over a half hour in the 117 degree heat for a replacement car from the rental place. The antics of the trucker caused two other cars to collide behind him as well, so the semi driver was cited for a 4-car wreck. Idiot.

It feels like an act of God that none of the wrecks have been with Kaden in the car, which is still my single biggest worry here. These people drive as fast as race car drivers (but nowherre near as well) on the highways. I'd like to think it's because of my nagging that we've been lucky, "Watch out, baby!" "He's coming into our lane!" "Whoa!" (though Stu always says, "Just let me drive!")

I can't WAIT to never have to be on these roads again once we leave. We even decided to rent a full-size car for our vacation because being teeny won't be as much of a factor of not crashing in NC. :)


  1. Haha, I don't know, there are more and more stupid drivers appearing on the roads here every day! Heh, but compared to what it sounds like you guys see over there, this'll probably be pie. :-)

  2. Stu is SO lucky! God rides with him, obviously!! I guess that's it...God can only see him as the lone Christian along that road that day!! haha Whatever it was/is, he's a very lucky man to never get hurt in any of these wrecks. We remember holding our breaths when we were there to observe his prowess in driving over there, which amazed us more than once! It's like driving at the Indy 500 everyday!!! Only a few months left there, so Stu, be extra careful! Love you!! Glad you are OK!

  3. You are getting a full size car for 2 1/2 people and we are coming in a Nissan with 4. Tell me I'm not crazy...Tell me I'm not crazy...Tell me I'm not crazy. :-)
    I can hardly wait for this vacation!!!!
    I'm glad Stu is fine. Its too bad he isn't in Idaho, we are having a month long "Aggressive drivers chill, or pay the bill" Campaign. They are ticketing anything that even appears to be aggressive driving - So I have had to refrain from my usual one-finger salute!
    :-) Mamma :-)

  4. No, you guys ARE insane. We have to fit a carseat and luggage comfortably (which is undoubtedly more with my "half" than with your two nearly full-grown monsters... Midgets are so needy!) and still travel around. I have to be able to climb from the front seat to the back seat when Kaden has a nervous breakdown, and I'd much rather do it with room! Lol

  5. what idiots!!!! I would personally freak out if I was over there! I cannot deal with STUPID drivers. I really have a THING with driving anyways, and watching out for all the people who are NOT paying attention! My hubby does the same thing, when I say "watch out!" or tell him when someone is getting close, but he knows I am just trying to help! People these days UGH!

  6. If I were coming to NC from Idaho, without a doubt, I'd fly.