Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 19th, Steener!

So, it feels like I JUST wrote this blog post. Which makes me hope the coming months of waiting and saving really aren't going to be too bad, or too slow. Sometimes Stu and I talk about things we've done here and we realize that a year really is quite a long time as far as the stuff you can get done, but it does feel like it's passed pretty quickly. We've done so much since we've been here and it's nice to be able to take those memories with us when we leave.

BUT, today is Justine's 19th birthday and it is days like today that make going home and missing home all the more forceful. Justine's birthday is particularly hard for me though because it's not only the second birthday of hers in a row that I'm missing, but she is going to be stationed in Germany before we come home to see everyone again. Since we're taking all of Stu's leave time during this upcoming vacation to the States, it's pretty unlikely that we'll be able to squeeze in a trip to Germany too in the next 6 months. Then, when we get home we'll both have new jobs to contend with and I'm just not seeing any overseas vacations in our near future.
That said, I am sure Justine will visit back home eventually. I just haven't seen her for a year already and it will likely be another one before I do and it breaks my heart. So, we're ever repeating our mantras about how this is all for the future of our family and we're doing better by Kaden for coming over here and getting ahead while he's young, etc. But it still doesn't stop the holidays from passing without us there.

So, I love you infinity Steenie! Happy 19th Birthday!

Bad quality, but gorgeous girl!


  1. Even if you can't see Justine for longer that you'd like, you both have a "link" that will always continue. Always keep that in mind and trust that you will keep in touch wherever she may be assigned in her military career! We are trying to be able to get up to Cd'A to see her while she's there before going to Germany, but we will go to Germany to see her for sure. Don't ever feel sad that you cannot see her when you think you should, just keep in mind that she's serving our country and doing something that she's very proud to and all!!! haha We hope she has a great 19th birthday and knows that we all love her very much! If she reads this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUSTINE...Mimi and Papa LOVE you SO MUCH!!! :) You are the best!

  2. Aw she looks so great!! Happy Birthday Justine!