Thursday, June 4, 2009

Touch Me.

Stu finally got his ipod touch in the mail today and he sure was thrilled! I was skeptical of the allure at first. I have a perfectly good mp3 player that I haven't filled even half-way with songs and movies and I thought the ipod a bit overrated. Unfortunately, I have now swooned as well after having played with it, and I must admit, I'm totally jealous.

Tonight we went to Chili's for dinner (total clusterfuck, I might add) which was yummy and then came home with a bottle of wine in tow.

Nearing the end of our night, while Daddy danced with a diaper-clad Kaden as the new toons blasted from my speakers, Stu announced, "I think this may be the best investment I've ever made!"

I retorted with a wave of my ring finger, indicating my wedding ring was a better investment. His answer? "Yeah, but I can't control you with a touch screen." Touche.


  1. Touche indeed, haha. :-)

    Let us know how that ipod is! I don't know anyone with one, and I don't get the hype either. But I've briefly considered one, and I'd love some first hand opinions as you guys use it some more.

    Happy Weekend! Wish mine started tomorrow! :-)