Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days... The Letter "B"

Welcome to day two of our favorite things!

Bananas - Kaden has half a banana EVERY day for breakfast, cut into pieces for his Cheerios. He even went through a phase where he wouldn't eat his breakfast sans banana.

Bed - Who doesn't like a good night's sleep? Stu and I treasure our "bed time" when Kaden is finally asleep and we have our own time. We play Boggle in bed most nights and read our books. Then of course is wonderful sleep that goes along with it!

Balls - Just ask Kaden how great balls are! We learned from watching Stu how to throw a ball into the air and he LOVES to play soccer down the hallway. Balls are awesome!

Beach - Whether building sand castles for the midget knock down, or just getting sand into places you never knew you had, the beach is a great place for us to spend a lazy day. (Especially in November! :))


  1. I like brownies, burgers and Bellacino's from Tully's! :)

  2. I Love Basketball!! Your brother started his High School Basketball season on the 29th Yah!!
    Love, Mamma
    (they are 2-0 and they play again on wednesday)