Friday, October 31, 2008

Nuttin' to Report

I always feel bad when I don't post anything for a few days because so many people always get on me about it! Hehe. But, truly, we're not doing a lot. Last night we watched a movie (Tears of the Sun) and ate popcorn. Rainy got back (finally!) and she came over for several hours too, but we just basically caught up and I learned a lot about Brazil!

This morning Stu woke me up to go to breakfast and we hit up Mugg and Bean. Yum. I had my "Businessman's Breakfast" as always, and as always I felt weird eating a pickle and grilled tomato with my eggs and bagel! lol (Thank you, Brits! hehe) Kaden was pretty good and then we went to Lulu's for groceries. We got a TON of produce because I am back on my healthy kick after about a month of a hiatus. Stu never cares what we eat anyway and he's so not picky, which is awesome. But it also means I could open a can of something, or spend hours in a hot kitchen and he's still say it was "good". So we might as well eat healthy!

We came home and I did some prep work with veggies I got while Stu and Kaden went down for their respective naps. They're both still sleeping while I enjoy a cup of green tea and some alone time! What a great weekend. We're talking about maybe going to the beach tomorrow to see if Kaden is ready to stop eating sand, and/or perhaps the park for a picnic. I will let you know.

Happy Halloween to everyone! We're celebrating ours by carving our pumpkin tonight and eating some of the candy Marcia and Mimi sent us! I hope everyone has a safe and happy trick-or-treating tonight!


  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Your healthy eating is something we'll enjoy while we're there, too!! Keep it up! Just wanted you to know how much we enjoy seeing your countdown clock...that's great! Now, we don't have to grab our calendar and count every time we want to know how much longer we have!! Love you..Kisses and Hugs to all of you! Mimi and Papa

  2. well it's great that you aren't giving up!! i'm sure it's looks fabulous and WAY better than my first project ; )