Sunday, May 17, 2009

Always Learning New Things.

So, I sit down at the computer and open up a window for Blogger (to write this blog) when I hear “Hup! (help)” coming from Kaden’s room. Ooookay… “What do you need, Bud?”

“Hup!” So I get up to go see what he needs “hup” with and this is where I find him:

“Umm, how did you get in your bed?” He grins and tells me “Tah-tee” and holds up his Charlie dog. Okay, he needed Charlie:

“But how did you get in your bed, baby?” And he shows me:
Good lord, he’s Houdini! Greaaaaat.

What I MEANT to blog about was the really awesome pens Mary-Leah sent a while back that I just broke out for Kaden to use yesterday. They are a paint brush with the paint inside the stem of the brush. So you don’t need any actual paint and there is no water to rinse the brushes or anything. You just start painting and the paint flows out. So cool! Kaden thought they were awesome and had a great time! Here are the results:


  1. Aunt MO is awesome, isn't she? She always has all those ideas for entertaining little ones. Now, if she has any ideas about how to "entertain" KIDS about 67 yrs. old to keep them busy...??? I can think of a few things, but we end up too tired at the end of the day...LOLOL

  2. Wow how awesome! And no cleaning paint containers!! It's amazing the things they've come out with since we were doing that, huh?

    Haha Kaden is very flexible! I LOVE the huge grin he's got in all those pictures - it's like he KNOWS it's his biggest achievement yet!

  3. He is so darn cute! I love that he got in and out of his bed! HAHA! Now that opens up a whole new can of worms for you! Glad you like the paint pens - I didn't know how they would work but figured they'd be a lot less messy than regular paints.

  4. You alway's call Kaden your little monkey, and now we know why!
    So adorable, just like his daddy, you never know what he will do next!

  5. I hope it is a long time till Reece figures out how to do things like that :)