Friday, May 29, 2009

OCC Fail.

We had quite a packed weekend, oddly enough. Thursday night we got all excited and headed over to Matt’s to caravan with the boys (Matt, Mike, Kyle, Dan, and Steve) to ADNEC which is the exhibition center here were basically everything happens (same place as the car show with the Orange Team drifters). We got there and met up with Kevin and his new girlfriend, who had already been there for about a half hour. At first it was fun because, let’s face it, a bunch of already fashion-less Arab guys trying to be “biker cool” is a sight to behold. We saw many guys like this guy:

One guy had on 8-inch arm bands that had 3-inch spikes sticking off them. Another was sporting a fanny pack. Hehe. Fanny pack.

Kaden enjoyed just chilling in his stroller (only about a half hour from bedtime too, which was awesome). And then he went from arms to arms of all his favorite men. Then, as expected, Abu Dhabians were in charge of the event (Abu Dhabi Police to be exact), and they screwed it up. Let me qualify the next part by reminding everyone how huge ADNEC happens to be; it could easily hold tens of thousands of people in some of the venues. Unfortunately, they had to pack 6 cars (including two fire trucks) and a stage into an area the size of half an American football field. There were about 400 people waiting to get in… we were stuck in the last 50 who got quarantined behind the ropes (after the assholes pushed and shoved their way past our stroller and filtered us back) and missed the unveiling. One lady said to me that it was like the produce counter at the supermarket... you have to elbow your way up to the counter or you will never get your stuff weighed as everyone else will just keep pushing past you. There is no such thing as "wait in line" in this country (because everyone else is better than you and is in a bigger hurry than you... so you should just wait for them). So no Senior or Paulie for us. Lame.

Matt was heartbroken and went out to sit on the trunk of the car while we got our consolation prize of taking pictures of the already unveiled bike that they wouldn’t even start for us. We asked one of the cop/security guards where the Tuttles were and he waved us backstage where we did get to see the bike Paul Sr. rode in on, and got a shot of the American Chopper camera crew as they were heading for their waiting car.

When asked why we didn’t get to see them, the cop said we could hang out on the Corniche tomorrow since they were staying at Emirates Palace and we “might get to see them”. Ah.

So here is the decidedly lame bike:

Btw, apparently roiding is cool among the cops... check out these Deisel-looking guys! (I guess you'd have to look like that if your uniform included a beret)

After we got the pics of the bike, we let Kaden walk down the red carpet, which he thought was pretty cool:

Mike showing Kaden how to go down the carpet.

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  1. Haha Kaden and his faux-hawk again. He looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself, regardless of what he got to see! Love the shot of him shaking hands - he looks like a pro!