Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok, so I forgot to mention that I finished Mary Mary by James Patterson yesterday. Now, I'd been putting off this series because I started one of the other books and was not really taken with it. I read a few more books in the meantime though, and picked up this other one. The issue is, I know I am reading the series out of order, which is sort of weird, but I also don't have several of the books (like the first one). So until my Kindle gets here and I can download the books, I figured I'll just go ahead and read them out of order.

I did enjoy that one though and last night I started another one of the series, this one called Cat & Mouse. I like how the chapters are short so you can read it everywhere (like while you pee, hehe) and therefore it goes fast. I figure since I have the books, I might as well read them! :) Plus my Mom and Lindsay like them, and they rarely steer me wrong! :)

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  1. yeah i LOVE james patterson. you could also try the murder club books. the main character's name is lindsay, so ya' know, it's def good

    if you want any of them let me know